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January 2nd, Letter to Pastors

Dear Pastors:

From Israel, the so-called Palestinians marched, according to a video posted on Ynet in the

Dheisheh Refugee camp which is close by Jenin, carrying knives, axes, clubs, rifles and rockets.

Jenin is the "Palestinian Hot Bed" which our group of three vans got lost and drove into back in February of 2011 on the "Football Trip." Colonel Guy Markizano’s 405th Artillery Battalion had security for Jenin at the time, so he pulled "our chestnuts out of the fire." Those young men with me seemed to be very glad for Markizano’s presence and our escape from Jenin. Personally, I never felt we were in any real danger, only that "the insurance" we had on three rented vans would be null and void should anything have happened.

Back here in America, we are seeing, I think, for the first time are "pundits hands-off treatment" of Obama allowing him to "redefine himself as a moderate" who champions "middle-class values" and defends "mainstream America against "right wing extremists" like you and I.

But now, as a recalcitrant Obama threatens to push even middle-class taxpayers over the fiscal cliff, the tenor inside the Beltway has changed.

For the first time, commentators are openly speculating that the president is deliberately sabotaging the economy to build greater dependency on government. And one respected political analyst has come right out and called him a "Marxist." That is what I called him when he was pushed on the national political scene in 2008, "A Muslim Marxist Socialist." Obama is finally coming out of the ideological closet to reveal his radical stripes?

Power Line's John Hinderaker thinks so. He argues that the president would rather punish financially successful individuals and redistribute their hard-earned money than seriously tackle the nation's debt crisis.

He suggests Obama is acting much like a subversive, attacking America from within out of contempt for its free-market values. "It is hard to find a precedent," he said in a recent blog. "When in human history has the government of any nation consciously set out to weaken that country."

Michael Barone, syndicated columnist and co-author of "The Almanac of American Politics,"

"Economic growth produces things Obama doesn't like," Barone said. "Some people get very rich. Obama prefers a more equal income distribution."

Barone adds that Obama, through a series of incremental steps and complicated, painstaking rules ["think ObamaCare"] is injecting a kind of "soft" socialism into the economy.

Ultimately, he contends, borrowing from Alexis de Tocqueville, the president seeks to reduce the nation to "nothing more than a herd of timid and industrious animals of which government is the shepherd."

Peter Ferrara, budget policy director for the Heartland Institute, says only one thing explains Obama's obsession with soaking the rich: "He is a Marxist, that is the only logical explanation of President Obama's rhetoric. And it is 100% consistent with his own published background."

Discussion of the so-called fiscal cliff has sucked so much air out of the room that many people don't realize it's not the biggest thing we face as a nation. Indeed, many challenges loom. Will we be up to them?

The way the talks surrounding the cliff were handled doesn't inspire confidence. And the "deal" that avoids the cliff [more tax hikes, higher spending, no cuts at all] is the worst possible.

This was entirely a political crisis, not an economic or even fiscal one.

The Democrats created it in 2003 by refusing to make President Bush's tax cuts permanent. Ever since, they have used the threat of tax hikes on a broad swath of Americans as a political bludgeon against the Republicans.

It's worked. Despite being an entirely Democratic contrivance, the fiscal cliff is blamed by a majority of Americans on the GOP, kind of like blaming the firemen who try to put out a fire for starting the blaze in the first place.

Even after resolving the cliff issue, America can't rest easy. Major issues remain outstanding that either must be dealt with in the coming year or at least begin to be addressed. And all have at least one thing in common: They are components of the sustained surge in spending at the federal level that threatens the economic health of our nation for decades to come.

As we take the lines above, and look back in history to the time frame of May 1938 to March 1939, [I apologize to all my teetotaler friends] the Czechoslovakian people made re-popular an old Czech drinking song, "Roll Out the Barrel." World War II had not officially began yet, but that would have been news to the Chinese, the Ethiopians and the Spaniards. THE GREATEST SUFFERERS OF COURSE, WERE THE JEWS.

The Pundit Harold Nicolson wrote a piece on "an Austrian who just got away from Vienna:"

"They rounded up the people walking in the Prater on Sunday last, and separated the Jews from the rest. They made the Jewish gentlemen take off all their clothes and walk on all fours on the grass. They made the old Jewish ladies get up into the trees by ladders and sit there. They then told them to ‘chirp like birds.’"

A seventeen year old Jewish refugee, Herschel Grynszpan, living in Paris. His mom and dad’s home and shop had been plundered by the Nazi Storm Troopers. So, on November 7, 1938, Grynszpan murdered Ernst vom Rath, a third secretary at the German Embassy in Paris.

And, as the "obamicans" do today, senior Nazis, SS officers and Gestapo agents instantly saw this as "opportunity" for outrageous acts against the Jews, not wanting to waste any possibility, so on November 9, Goebbels issued instructions that "a spontaneous demonstration of the German people" [eine spontane Reaktion des deutschen Volkes] was to be organized and executed that night. No one knows how many acts of murder, rape, and pillage were carried out during die Kristallnacht, as it came to be called Crystal Night, or the Night of Broken Glass. Ruth Matar, as a little 8 year old girl, saw her mother "butt stroked" in the mouth by a German Soldier with a rifle when Ruth’s mother wanted to go back into their house and get coats for Ruth and her two siblings. I first heard that story personally from Ruth in January 2005 when I was present in Jerusalem for the "Settler Tent City" right outside the Knesset.

Kingsley Martin, then editor of the ‘liberal’ [be sure you note that in view of above] New Statesman wrote that "things had gone so far that to plan armed resistance to the dictators was now useless. If there was a war we should lose it. We should, therefore, seek the most peaceful way of letting ‘them’ [Hitler and fellow travelers] gradually get all they wanted."

One of the most outspoken of the "appeasers" was an Anglican bishop, the Reverend Morley Headlam. Headlam would have fit in well with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Headlam "defended Hitler’s suppression of religious freedom before a church assembly, arguing that it was ‘only fair to realize that a great majority’ of the Nazis believed that their cause "represented a strong spiritual influence" and looked upon it as "a real representation of Christianity."

When Chamberlain came back from Munich, where he gave away Czechoslovakia to Adolph Hitler, the British crowds were ecstatic, and in Downing Street that adulation peaked and Chamberlain overreached himself. In the lore of every nation they are scenes, phrases, and deeds which live in the popular imagination. But, an event, a speech, or a legend can never be repeated, for part of its appeal is that it is unique. But, the explanation as to why Chamberlain’s last public act on his day of glory, was a blunder is seen in that regard.

Former British Prime Minister, Jewish Benjamin Disraeli’s supreme diplomatic triumph came in 1878, at the Congress in Berlin. Unlike Chamberlain’s Munich, however, Disraeli’s contribution in Berlin was a genuine act towards peace. The states of Eastern Europe were at each other’s throats. However, Disraeli’s mastery of divergent cultures permitted him to take the map apart and rebuild it, throttling several wars before they could break out and ending a full-fledged conflict between the Russians and the Turks.

Chamberlain’s wife urged him, "Neville, go up to that window and repeat history by saying ‘peace in our time’." At first he replied ‘icily’, No, I do not like that kind of things."

But, then, blessed be the Lord, old Neville forgot what he had just said, and, waving the piece of paper he and Hitler has signed, called to the dense throng below, "My good friends, this is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time." Very soon, however, Chamberlain would have reason to regret extravagant prediction. Sixty million people would have to die first!

This morning I received an email from Dr. Wiley Bennett’s widow, Carmen, down in Tyler, Texas. She is a historian. Her ‘departed to Glory-Land’ husband, Wiley, was a historian. Their son Paul, she said, too was a historian. Mrs. Bennett said my emails continue to be a blessing to her, especially the ‘history lessons.’ My prayer this Wednesday noon is that these email will bless that dear "widow-woman’s" heart as the previous ones have also, and that you, pastors, will see the lesson’s contained above.

PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM. Our "Muslim-Marxist-Socialist" President will throw Israel under the bus, if he gets a good chance to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!


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