Friday, August 14, 2015

Do you know that you would be in heaven if your body died?

August 13, 2015
Dear Preachers:
Last evening this ole man went to sleep but he couldn’t stay asleep, with so many things on his mind about Josh Wesson’s funeral in Sulphur, La.  Please pray for Mrs. Joy Wesson and her children- Kimberly, Stephen, Ashlyn, and Katlyn, in the home-going of her husband, and the children’s father.   Tomorrow, the Lord Willing, we will be a part of THE GRADUATION SERVICE for as fine a man as I have ever known, Josh Wesson.  Now, you folks who know me, know that I do not pass out “accolades” [if that is the right word,] easily.  You have to do something for me to say “you are doing something.”
When we arrived at the Holiday Inn Special where Susan Burns had made reservations for us, in a Motel close to Grace Baptist Church,  Tom, Esther and I went in to register.  Tom was a blessing to his ole dad and would not let me pay for my room, which, when I saw it is a beautifully nice room.  At the desk were Diamond Morris, Rodrick Cropp, & Willie Edwards.  After Tom talked a while I said, “Let me tell you folks why we are here.” 
Then I told them the story of Josh Wesson’s Life, and then of his death.  I told them that ole jav had pastored no finer young man than Josh Wesson.  Then I told them sometime today and tomorrow I would stand by Josh’s casket and ask folks “If that were your body in the casket, Do you know that your sins are forgiven, Do you know that you would be in Heaven if your body died?”’
There after telling them they were sinners, and the wages of sin is death, and the 2nd death is the lake of fire, but Jesus paid the price, I asked if they would like to receive Jesus into their heart.  All three said they would.  I had them all bow their heads and close their eyes [people were walking around us, but it was time for God’s Business with us, and I led them in praying:  “Dear Jesus I know I am a sinner. I know I cannot saved myself.  But as best I know how, right now, Dear Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart and save my soul, and take me to Heaven when I die.  Thank you dear Jesus for saving my soul.”
All three prayed that prayer.  I asked each one individually if “they meant business,” and all three answered they did.  I asked Diamond first, “Can you now say,’Jesus is my Saviour?’”  She immediately said, “Jesus is my Saviour.”  I looked at Rodrick, and he said, “Jesus is my Saviour.”  I looked at Willie and he said, “Jesus is my Saviour.”
We unloaded Tom’s pickup and came back in. Billy Statum had walked up.  Billy was 31.  He had a problem with his eye, bless his soul, his eye touched my heart.    Billy then prayed the sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus to come into his heart.  Him being swept into the Kingdom of God was a special blessing to me, having his handicap.
God allowed us the opportunity to go to our rooms and shower, then we drove to the Grace Baptist Church and met Joy’s pastor, Dr. Arvin Harrell.  What a nice feller brother Arvin is.  He took us to a restaurant where we then had supper and talked.  We heard his stories from his life and the stories of his children and grand-children.  Brother Arvin has had a church split in the last year.  We told him how Dr. Ed Johnson, FBC, Rosemount, Minn., said that all church splits are the same, It is all about “power or control.”
Joy was a Herndon when I came here those years ago and married she and Josh.  We drove to her mother, Barbara’s house.  Joy had lost her dad not long ago.  It was a very touching scene when we got into their house.  Let me say this to all of you, ‘DEATH IS SO FINAL.’ 
We had Joy tell us how events went last Friday.  She is one TOUGH YOUNG LADY.  PRAISE THE LORD.  Then, she had Kimberly tell me how she resolved in her mind the "HOMEGOING OF MY DADDY" last Friday beside the ocean, beside his body.  What a trooper that 15 year old young lady is.
Then Joy gave Tom and I and Pastor Arvin the Newspaper LISTIN DIARIO.  It’s headlines says, PASTOR RESCATO’ A 5 JO’VENES PERO PERDIO’ LA VIDA AHOGADO!  Joshua Stephen Wesson Pastoreaba La Iglesia Bautista El Faro, En Santo Domingo Norte.  “Jish fue capaz de sacar a los otos chicos y estaba tratando de salvar a otro, pero no lo pudo hacer” Donna Scheppers madre de una adolescente!!!!
That was on the front page of the paper. On Page 2 is an article with Josh’s picture preaching in his pulpit which states: El buen Pastor que dio su vida para salvar a grupo de adolescents.  Josh’s life was a Sacrifice says ole jave – El  Pastor Joshua Wesson logro rescatar a varios, pero murio ahogado cuando intent sacar al ultimo!  And ole jav says Amen and Amen!
It is now 10:22 PM Friday night and this ole 75 year old body is crying out for sleep.  Pray for me especially tomorrow that I will say only THE THINGS that THE GOOD LORD wants me to say, and that I will bring forth honor and glory to his name.

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