Thursday, June 17, 2010

Letter to Pastors

June 17, 2010
Dear Preachers:
I woke this morning to the Bride of my Youth’s birthday. As I got up much earlier than she this morning, I wrote her a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Card and had it beside the coffee so that she’d see it when she first came out. She did, and we rejoiced at the goodness of the LORD to us, sinners, saved by the Grace of Almighty God.
While we drank coffee together, we read Isaiah chapters 19, 20, 21, and 22! Then we had our Prayer Time together. God was really special and real to the both of us this morning. Isaiah has already dealt with the Syro-Ephraimite war, and then the downfall of Samaria [722 B.C.] comes about.

Hoshea is the King on the throne in Israel. He was the son of Elah and the last king of Israel. To come to the Kingdom he conspired against and slew his predecessor, Pekah.

2 Kings 15:30
And Hoshea the son of Elah made a conspiracy against Pekah the son of Remaliah, and smote him, and slew him, and reigned in his stead, in the twentieth year of Jotham the son of Uzziah.
But, Hoshea was not established on the throne till after an interregnum of at least eight years, in the twelfth year of Ahaz.

2 Kings 17:1 In the twelfth year of Ahaz king of Judah began Hoshea the son of Elah to reign in Samaria over Israel nine years.
Verse 2 tells us: "he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord, but not as the kings of Israel that were before him." Shortly after his accession he submitted to the supremacy of Shalmaneser, who appears to have entered his territory with the intention of subduing it by force if resisted.

2 Kings 17:3 Against him came up Shalmaneser king of Assyria; and Hoshea became his servant, and gave him presents.

Here the Assyrian king Shalmaneser is taking tribute from Hoshea, the king of the ten tribes of Israel.
In looking at Isaiah’s prophecy, borne out by what we read in 2 Kings, we also find mention, I think of this time, in that great Chapter of Hosea, the chapter about Revival, Chapter 10.
Hosea 10:10 It is in my desire that I should chastise them; and the people shall be gathered against them, when they shall bind themselves in their two furrows.
I think God Almighty is speaking of the “binding” He did of them, for their two transgressions.
11 And Ephraim is as an heifer that is taught, and loveth to tread out the corn; but I passed over upon her fair neck: I will make Ephraim to ride; Judah shall plow, and Jacob shall break his clods.
The very next verse is one that I have used many times in trying to sow the seeds of Revival amongst God’s People, and it might very well be that we shall have Revival in America, only, after we have Judgment!
12 Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.
13 Ye have plowed wickedness, ye have reaped iniquity; ye have eaten the fruit of lies: because thou didst trust in thy way, in the multitude of thy mighty men.
The Shalman of verse 14 is the same as Shalmaneser, and the caves are those of Betharbel.

14 Therefore shall a tumult arise among thy people, and all thy fortresses shall be spoiled, as Shalman spoiled Betharbel in the day of battle: the mother was dashed in pieces upon her children.
15 So shall Bethel do unto you because of your great wickedness: in a morning shall the king of Israel utterly be cut off.
Now, information that Hoshea had entered into negotiations with So, king of Egypt, prompted Shalmaneser to return and punish the rebellious king with imprisonment for withholding the tribute as in seen in 2 Kings 17:4.
He was then, however, released by the payment of a large ransom, but a second revolt soon after provoked the king of Assyria to march an army into the land of Israel. After a three-year siege, Samaria was taken and destroyed, and the ten tribes were carried away beyond the Euphrates, B.C. 721. Of the future fortune of Hoshea, the Holy Bible is silent!
2 Kings 17:5 Then the king of Assyria came up throughout all the land, and went up to Samaria, and besieged it three years.
6 In the ninth year of Hoshea the king of Assyria took Samaria, and carried Israel away into Assyria, and placed them in Halah and in Habor by the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes.
2 Kings 18:9 And it came to pass in the fourth year of king Hezekiah, which was the seventh year of Hoshea son of Elah king of Israel, that Shalmaneser king of Assyria came up against Samaria, and besieged it.
10 And at the end of three years they took it: even in the sixth year of Hezekiah, that is the ninth year of Hoshea king of Israel, Samaria was taken.
11 And the king of Assyria did carry away Israel unto Assyria, and put them in Halah and in Habor by the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes:
12 Because they obeyed not the voice of the LORD their God, but transgressed his covenant, and all that Moses the servant of the LORD commanded, and would not hear them, nor do them.
What all this teaches, to the child of God in 2010, be we Truly Born Again Christian, or Hebrews who believe the Old Testament, is, "Watch Out" when you place your trust in "Egypt" [always a type of the world] instead of trusting in the Lord God of the Hebrews!
Now, back with the two tribes, in Judah, Hezekiah, had already ascended the throne. Though weak, he was a much better ruler than Ahaz. He improved the water supply of Jerusalem, cutting a tunnel from Gihon to the Pool of Siloam. He cared for the military interests and financial resources of the kingdom, subduing the Philistines, the only warlike enterprise related to him, and encouraged agriculture, for which, even today, the Israelis are much vaunted in.
2 Kings 18:8 He smote the Philistines, even unto Gaza, and the borders thereof, from the tower of the watchmen to the fenced city.
Isaiah 38:9 The writing of Hezekiah king of Judah, when he had been sick, and was recovered of his sickness:
10 I said in the cutting off of my days, I shall go to the gates of the grave: I am deprived of the residue of my years.
11 I said, I shall not see the LORD, even the LORD, in the land of the living: I shall behold man no more with the inhabitants of the world.
12 Mine age is departed, and is removed from me as a shepherd's tent: I have cut off like a weaver my life: he will cut me off with pining sickness: from day even to night wilt thou make an end of me.
13 I reckoned till morning, that, as a lion, so will he break all my bones: from day even to night wilt thou make an end of me.
14 Like a crane or a swallow, so did I chatter: I did mourn as a dove: mine eyes fail with looking upward: O LORD, I am oppressed; undertake for me.
15 What shall I say? he hath both spoken unto me, and himself hath done it: I shall go softly all my years in the bitterness of my soul.
16 O Lord, by these things men live, and in all these things is the life of my spirit: so wilt thou recover me, and make me to live.
17 Behold, for peace I had great bitterness: but thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption: for thou hast cast all my sins behind thy back.
18 For the grave cannot praise thee, death can not celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth.
19 The living, the living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known thy truth.
20 The LORD was ready to save me: therefore we will sing my songs to the stringed instruments all the days of our life in the house of the LORD.
King Hezekiah was devoted to Jehovah God, and very early in his reign reformed the religion of his people, restoring the Temple, removed the idolatrous high places, overturning the obelisks and images, and destroyed the brazen serpent of Moses, which had become an object of veneration to the Jews.
The reforms of Hezekiah gave "practical effect" to the "Revival encouraged and brought about by Isaiah’s preaching!"
2 Kings 18:4 He removed the high places, and brake the images, and cut down the groves, and brake in pieces the brasen serpent that Moses had made: for unto those days the children of Israel did burn incense to it: and he called it Nehushtan.

The images were the idolatrous things the Hebrews worshiped prior to Hezekiah’s day. Nehushtan was that piece of brass set up as a ‘god’ to represent Moses Brazen Serpent!
2 Chronicles 29:1 Hezekiah began to reign when he was five and twenty years old, and he reigned nine and twenty years in Jerusalem. And his mother's name was Abijah, the daughter of Zechariah.
2 And he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, according to all that David his father had done.
3 He in the first year of his reign, in the first month, opened the doors of the house of the LORD, and repaired them.
2 Chronicles 31:1 Now when all this was finished, all Israel that were present went out to the cities of Judah, and brake the images in pieces, and cut down the groves, and threw down the high places and the altars out of all Judah and Benjamin, in Ephraim also and Manasseh, until they had utterly destroyed them all. Then all the children of Israel returned, every man to his possession, into their own cities.
It would seem to me that the fact that the other ten tribes, the Kingdom of Israel, were carried off into captivity, would have a "soul-searching" effect upon the two tribes of Judah; and the Hezekiah-Isaiah Revival, is again, I think, THE RESULT!
Now, preacher friend, bear with me, and don’t lose me, please pay attention to what I am writing! I’m just a sinner saved by the Grace of God. However, God Almighty has given me the "pulse-beat" of events as they are coming down the pike yonder in the Little nation of Israel, that little tiny piece of land that will the the EPICENTER of all events happening in the future, as is taught by our Holy Bibles.
I was there the day the "Muslim-Marxists" friends brought their little flotilla into the country. Now, our "Muslim-Marxist-Mohammedan-in-Chief" has friends that are planning a repeat of sorts. Let me explain this way:

New Flotilla Organizer is Wife of Hizbullah Supporter

by Eli Stutz
Evidence is mounting that the organizers of a new flotilla set to leave Lebanon toward Gaza are not neutral peace activists, but are in fact tied closely to the Hizbullah terrorist organization, and openly profess their hatred of Israel.

Samar Al-haj, one of the organizers of the new ‘Miriam’ flotilla, is the wife of an officer with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Lebanese Internal Security Agency who was jailed for four years on charges of involvement in the murder of former Lebanese PM Rafik Al-hariri.
Syria and Hizbullah are accused for orchestrating Al-hariri’s murder. Al-haj’s husband was released from prison a year ago.

Three weeks ago, to mark the anniversary of her husband's release, the couple met with Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah.

At the meeting, Al-haj thanked Nasrallah for standing by her and her husband during his imprisonment.

In interviews to the Arab media, Al-haj said that her group is composed of Lebanese women from all ethnic groups, and that their common denominator is, among other things, hatred for Israel.

She denied that Hizbullah was behind the new flotilla, but said that she was motivated to organize the flotilla after the Hizbullah chief publicly called on the Lebanese people to organize flotillas to Gaza.

The ship ‘Miraim’ consists of approximately 50 women–30 of them Lebanese and the rest foreign.

Three of the foreigners are known to be from Kuwait. The Labenese flotilla’s head organizer, Yasser Kashlak, is a Syrian businessman of Palestinian descent, who operates in Syria and Lebanon.

Kashlak heads the "Free Palestine" movement, and also serves as chairman of the Lebanese Institute of International Studies, chairman of the Palestinian Businessmen’s Club, the Syrian-Palestininan Investment house and other organizations.

Kashlak is said to be close with the Syrian regime. Aged 39, he is a regular columnist in several Lebanese newspapers and is also a publisher of a small Lebanese newspaper.
On Kashlak’s website is a personal letter he wrote to the head of the Hizbullah entitled, "A letter from the heart to Hassan Nasrallah.
[end of article]

Above are the names: Hassan Nasrallah, who did the Spiders Web speech at Bint Jbeil in Lebanon; the "Free Palestine" movement; Syrian-Palestinian Investment house!
PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM as we are admonished in Scripture.
If our Muslim-Marxist-Mohammedan-in-Chief gets his way, no Jew will be spared, simply as there was no sparing of the Jews in the little Austrian Paper Hanger’s day.
But, taken all the Camps, study them, and even those run to "preserve pretence" as was the Theresienstadt camp in Czechoslovakia, where I visited as a young soldier-boy, it was just "pretence resettlement" under Adolph’s apocalypse. To Theresienstadt were sent so-called "privileged Jews," holders of the Iron Cross First Class or better, and 50 percent disabled war veterans. But, of the 141,184 sent there, only 16,832 were alive when the camp fell to the Allies on 9 May 1945. Of that perishing number, more than 88,000 had been gassed, the old, and the brave, alike.
No Jew was too old to be murdered. After the Anschluss, the friends of Freud, old and dying of cancer, had ransomed him from the Nazis and brought him to England. It never occurred to Freud, or to his friends, that his four elderly sisters, left behind in Vienna, were at risk.
But, they, too, were swept into the Nazi net: Adolfine, aged 81, was murdered in Theresienstadt; Pauline, 80, and Marie, 82, in Treblinka; Rose, 84, in Auschwitz!
I remain, sincerely and gratefully, your dutiful friend and obedient servant,

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