Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Professor Hagai Doron, Ph D

April 6, 2011

Professor Hagai Doron, Ph D
Ein Harod, Israel

Dear Dr. Hagai:

Again, my Jewish yedid, I want to thank you for the opportunity to meet you and your students a few days ago with the football players while we were on the Football Trip to Israel. From watching the videos it is apparent that your youngsters were very excited to have the event we did, and I just hope that our Christians made the right impression upon them, based on all the history which we know, their parents and grand-parents know, when those who wore the "guise" of Christianity — The Roman Catholics, the Greek Orthodox, the Russian Orthodox, etc., — persecuted the Jews in the name of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Hagai, as we have discussed many times, that was just not so with people like Orde Wingate who did his thing with the Special Night Squads, as a Plymouth Brethren Believer, right there out of Ein Harod where we were privileged to meet you and the youngsters.

Based on the "fabrication" which you and I discussed a few days ago, and for which I have profusely apologized, as I read the history of the "wild donkey reject" and his nephew Esau, and their attempts not only to "replace" Judaism with worship of the false god "allah," it is ironic to see all the, let us say, "Oriental imagination" which has long been recognized by you Jews in these efforts of "replacement doctrine." Generally, when we Christians think of "replacement doctrine," we move forward to the Presbyterians, Methodists, Quakers, etc., who have done so in times more recent, even though from 1770 to 1870 they were leaders in the doctrine called "Restoration," or the restoring of Palestine to the Jews. George W. and Condi fell victim to that theological misperception.

But, Hagai, as I look back to recent years, in 1948, to the war for Independence, Abdallah’s Arab League, under British guidance, captured the eastern part of Jerusalem, including the Old City. Then, the historical record shows that the one significant change in the subsequent nineteen years of Jordanian rule was the attempt to obliterate the Jewish presence and the signs of Jewish identity.

All the synagogues were destroyed. In the ruins of the most famous of them —the Hurvah—an enterprising Arab citizen put together a small stable for his ass or his goat. The ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Old City, was torn up, some of its tombstones being used for paving and some for lavatory seats in Jordanian army camps.

The Arabs avoiding hurting any of the sensibilities of those operating under the "guise" of Christianity in the Old City, and, as a result, the many "guised Christian witnesses" in the Old City kept silent about the acts of Ishmaelite desecration and destruction perpetuated against Jewish sites. That has been the case, Hagai, in the sad history of those who simply "profess Christianity" but whom do not "possess" Christianity. "Silence" has been the rule about anyone and everyone who happens to go after God’s Everlastingly Covenanted People.

But, back to "fabrication" as a subject, when, lo and behold, for the first time in the 20th Century the Ishmaelites discovered and revealed to the world the vehement, passionate, almost desperate, accents of a deep-rooted, long-standing, and undying attachment to Jerusalem. TOTAL FABRICATION Hagai!!!

The Qur’an doesn’t contain such "attachment." That recent "fabrication" about Hebron, Hagai, made me remember that the Qur’an doesn’t even mention the Cave of Machpelah. Nor, is Ishmael, "the wild-donkey-reject" {replacement doctrine lead} buried there, nor is "Esau," Jacob’s brother buried there, nor any of their wives or children — but lo, and behold, the "fabrication" is now accepted by one and all as "legit."

This fabrication of an emotion — attachment to Jerusalem [not mentioned in the Qur’an except to be destroyed by the Ishmaelites] and attachment to the Cave of Machpelah, [not mentioned in the Qur’an] —which can after all so easily and manifestly be exposed has yet, again because of the very intensity of its presentation, made at least some impression throughout the world. But it may be helpful in demonstrating a national characteristic of the Arabs, i.e. "Fabrication."

Fabrication has assumed central importance in the confrontation between the Jewish and Arab peoples; the admitted capacity of the Arabs to manufacture facts, to deceive themselves into accepting them, and to work themselves up into a public passion over what is, in fact, a nonexistent "reality" and then a nonexistent "emotion." The Arab Scholar, Philip K. Hiti, wrote, "What a people believes, even if untrue, has the same influence over their lives as if it were true."

What is commonly called "Oriental Imagination" has long been recognized. It is only in word today, however, it has played a striking part in shaping world events, especially as they relate to the land of Israel. The amplifying effects of modern communications media—radio, internet, and television—and the willing involvement of powerful world interests have presented "Oriental Imagination" with unprecedented influence. The use of "lies" in my lifetime was the primary weapon of state policy by the two most powerful totalitarian states the world has ever known—Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union—though Hagai, they did set the example for any who had not "basic character" to follow. Their usage also introduced techniques whose application sharpened "Oriental Imagination" into an effective political weapon.

The 11th century Muslim Theologian, Al-Ghazzali, wrote: "Know that a lie is not haram [wrong] in itself, but only because the evil conclusions to which it leads the hearer, making him believe something that is really not the case...If a lie is the only way of obtaining a good result, it is permissive...We must lie when truth leads to unpleasant results." In Arab sociologist Ania Hamady’s work, "Character and Temperament of the Arabs," [New York, 1960] he writes: "Lying is a widespread habit among the Arabs and they have a low idea of truth...The Arab has no scruples about lying if by it he obtains his objective...He is more interested in feeling than facts, in conveying an impression than in giving a report. The Arab language, moreover, provides its users with the tool, for assertion [tarokid] and exaggeration [mubalong.]"

Another Arab Scholar, Eli Shouby, wrote " over assert and exaggerate in almost all types of communication, lest they be misunderstood. If an Arab says exactly what he means without the expected exaggeration, his hearers doubt his stand or even suspect him of meaning the opposite."

Falsifying history is not a new Arab art, especially as it relates to the Jews, and it was never confined to the marketplace. According to the whimsical description given by Hitti, "The Arabian genealogist, like his brother the Arabian historian, had a "horror vacui" and his fancy had no difficulty in bridging gaps and filling vacancies; in this way he has succeeded in giving us in most instances a continuous record from Adam, or, in more modest compass, from Ishmael, [Esau] and Abraham."

For those American Born Again Christians, who don’t pay a lot of attention to history, falsification, as was done by Emir Faisal, one of Jack Philby’s buddies, addressed the Paris Peace Conference in February 1918, and turned the few train wrecking of his Bedouins under the sodomite Laurence into an advance of 800 miles by the Arab Army." The army [of 600 men] did, in fact, move about 800 miles northward, but most of the advance took place only after the British, the Australian, and French Forces [and in the very latter part of the drive, the Jewish Legion] had already driven out the Turks. But, at that 1918 PPC Faisal claimed an Army of 100,000 Arabs suffering 20,000 casualties, and made the claim they had taken 40,000 prisoners. That tale, Hagai, so suited the British aims of the moment, with so many being against the Balfour Declaration, that it took eighteen years for the former British Prime Minister Lloyd George, in the "Truth About Peace Treaties" to describe Faisal’s Fabrications as "Oriental Arithmetic."

In the Six Day War of 1967, which, most of these present day ‘fabricators’ ought to have been old enough to read about, this "Laurentian-type-fraud" was brought home in incredible drama to millions of citizens throughout the world in June 1967, six months after this "poor boy from the Panhandle of God’s Texas" had surrendered to preach.

The Arab reports of the Six Day War bore only minimal relation to what was happening—except for the two facts that a "war was in progress" and its scene "was in the middle east." Even the identities of the combatants were distorted. The Egyptians, and the other Arab states in their wake, repeatedly proclaimed the completely imaginary participation of American and British pilots and planes in the attacks on the airfields. The Egyptian Air Force, which in fact never left the ground, was said to "be wrecking havoc" in Tel Aviv, in Haifa, and in Netanya.

The Israeli Air Force, Hagai, [which through the whole Six Day War only lost nineteen planes on all fronts] lost, according to the Arab communiqu├ęs, 160 planes on the first day of battle. Gigantic tank battles in the Sinai Desert, with huge Israeli losses, were waged in the Arab reports two and three days after the Israeli forces had overwhelmed the mass of Egyptian armor, and while tens of thousands of Egyptians were giving themselves up as soldiers, this fabrication was continued to given out by the press.

If allowances were then made for "Oriental Imagination," the sophisticated, the cynics, the optimists, all, and large numbers of the world, could see that on the second day of the Six Day War, Israel was on the brink of defeat. But, it took to the end of the six day war, for the Arabs in all those opposing countries, to realize the magnitude of the Arab defeat, contrary to all the fabrications.

Interestingly, Hagai, Britain's British Broadcasting Corporation served as a main instrument of the "Arab miss information services," in spite of the reports of their own reporter in Jerusalem, whose reports corresponded to the truth, continued to give out this "Soviet-led" fabrications about the validity of the Israeli conflict. The Russians, whose own original contribution to the mendacities of the age had precipitated the war [early in May 1967 they had given Nasser unfounded information that Israel had massed forces for an attack on the Syrian border[, gave their own enthusiastic intonation to the news of the [supposed] Israeli disasters. The Russians were completely deceived, and, in consequence, as I remember, that delayed the call for a ceasefire by the UN Security Council, lest too early a cessation might prevent the complete defeat of Israel to the Soviet’s Arab Arms Client Nations. Many hours after the officer commanding the Israeli Air Force had announced the destruction of the Egyptian Air Force, British Newspapers were still debating whether Britain could stand aside and see Israel destroyed.

The very brevity of that Six Day War, the concentration of events, sharpened the exposure in men’s minds of the magnitude of the Arab fabrications. Indeed, Hagai, it awakened many thoughtful Arabs to the dangers to themselves of their imaginations. Deception, was, after all, the obverse of self-deception. When President Nasser claimed that British and American planes had bombed Egyptian airfields and that Egyptian planes had bombed Israeli cities, he was misleading not only the world, but also the Arabs. And he was probably misleading himself because his military chief’s were lying to him. Nasser certainly misled King Hussein of Jordan. Hussein’s decision to attack Israel—and to persist in the attack even after the Israeli Prime Minister had urged him to desist to avoid a clash—was probably based on his belief in Egyptian reports of havoc and destruction in Israel.

General Petraeus’ protestations about the "Qur’an burning" are a part of helping the "Ishmaelite distortion" and, will, in time, come back to haunt the good General. The "false god" of the Ishmaelites, the "war god," the "sword god," the "macho god," the "moon god," the "greater-than-god," he, whom the pedophile Mohammed proclaimed in 558 A.D. allowed the worship of all other of the 360 Pagan gods, but, then, who changed his mind in 570 A.D., just, Hagai, 12 years later, that "he" was the "chief god," the "greater than god" and all the other 359 gods, including the very important "sun" and "star" gods, could no longer be worshipped—the followers of the false god "allah," whether the good general wants to admit it or not, their "fabrications" are what our soldiers and facing, and dying against, in three countries —Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya!

And, so, Hagai, you, a respected leader of "Jewish youth" in Israel, a writer of a PhD thesis on "The Idenity of American People with the Holy Bible, 1770-1830," and your "Wingate of Oklahoma" friend, as you call him — we must face these "replace the God of the Jew and the God of the Christian" throat-slitters as they continue to try to wipe out the despised Jew and despised Christian, but in so doing face them with the reality of what's happening at the moment, not the figment of their imaginations.

May the Almighty G-d bless you in your efforts Hagai. And, I shall hope to be able to see you when I make this June journey back to Israel to be with the Givati Brigade as they honor their "war dead," families there in Netanya. My physical difficulties continue with heart problems, a diseased gall bladder, this grapefruit sized tumor in my gut, high blood pressure and the bone spurs which work very much against me in my neck, my feet, and my shoulders. Two nights ago in Hazard, Kentucky, before Dr. Garraway and I left to make that seventeen hour drive back home, the pain was so bad I doubt that I slept forty-five minutes.

But, the L-d was good and allowed me to get back home safely to the Bride of my Youth.

I remain, sincerely and gratefully, your dutiful yedid and obedient chaver,

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