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Letter to Mister James Lankford

October 23, 2010
Dear James:
It is about 10 minutes after 2:00 AM, Saturday morning. My Idiopathic Retractile Meseneritus "benign tumor" gave my intestines a "wake-up-call" a bit before 2 AM, and so I had to rush to the Bath room. Yesterday, diarrhea hit me 3 times while I was at the HIGH NOON CLUB. Probably my 25 foot check cord on "the toilet" will have to be shortened to about a 10 footer. Sometimes I don’t get there in time.

And, as I write these lines, if I become a "tad harsh" with you, please forgive me, as the pain is unbearable right at the moment.

As I said to you yesterday at the HIGH NOON CLUB, you don’t know me from Adam, just a poor-boy from the Panhandle of God’s Texas, who walked across the Red River into the Red Dirt of Oklahoma, an adopted Okie, if you will, who has lived here since 1977. But, an ole codger who has visited with people in 60 different countries of the world, eating their food with them, and talking about their cares and concerns.

James, I know that you, like me, are a native of Texas. Your mom was a PS librarian, and she and your dad had a dry cleaning business. I know you are a UT grad, with a BS in Secondary Education [Speech and History] I know you received a Masters in Divinity at Southwestern, and that you came to the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, become Director of Falls Creek and were that for over 12 years.

Cindy, your wife, and her family has been in Oklahoma since statehood. Her mom is a homemaker, and her dad is a Vietnam veteran and retired engineer. Cindy is a Speech-Language Pathologist and mother to two girls.

BUT, I ALSO KNOW that your position vis-a-vis the Ishmaelite Throat Slitters leaves a lot to be desired, and that your political position regarding the Nation of Israel is more like Condi and George W.’s than it should be.

That being said, if you don’t get your act together, [my opinion,] you will be more of a "help" to our "Mohammedan In Chief" that you will be a "hindrance" and the consequences will be harsh for the Israelis and judgment will continue to fall on America.

With the Jews James, there are only 2 positions according to the Holy Bible in Genesis 12:3. One either "blesses" them, or one "curses" them by whatever one does, which is not a blessing!

Let me give you a bit about this nobody from the Panhandle of Texas who challenged you about your "Jimmy Carter type un-enlightenedness and untrustworthiness" concerning those "Pere’ Adam, wild donkey type" Ishmaelites and their intentions for America, as well as for Israel.

In the late 60's I worked for Dr. Ford Porter, pastor of Lifegate Baptist Church, Indpls, Ind., as Bus Director. This nobody was averaging over 500 on the buses when he left. Then I worked for Dr. John Rawlings for 2 years as Bus Director. The poor sap was averaging over 2,500 on the buses when he left. Then I worked for two years for Dr. Jerry Falwell.

You can look in either of Brother Falwell's two biographies for information on the archaic one who was averaging over 3,300 on the buses when he left. Then I worked for 4-1/2 years for Dr. Jack Hyles, FBC, Hammond, Ind. For 4-1/2 years, winter, summer, fall, spring, we averaged 6,444 on the buses.

In those four churches I directed the Junior Churches. At Hammond, when we moved to OKC in 1977, we were running up past 6,000 in the large B Jr Church.
James, God Almighty allowed ole "small potatoes" to Pastor WHBC for 30 years. We never had one Sunday in [30 x 52 weeks] all that time that we didn’t have at least "one soul saved" and "one soul baptized." We gave over $15,000,000.00 to Missions. We supported 474 missionaries. We were the sending church for 154 missionaries.

During the 30 years I pastored, James, somewhere in Oklahoma, 56 individuals stood in a courtroom, pled guilty to a crime, and was sentenced to Prison. Then, they were paroled to my care, custody, and control. James, they all made it. Well, maybe I ought clarify that! The last one was sentenced in Henryetta on July 30, 2003, to Five [10] year sentences. He still have almost 3years of the five [10] year sentences left, but is doing very good.

James, on Bob Macy’s retirement, he stated, June 30, 2001, "The greatest accomplishment of my career was not the 54 murderers I put on death row, but the individuals Pastor Jim Vineyard and I worked with to keep them from prison."

Former DA Andy Coats, OU Law School Dean, was responsible for 8 folks being paroled to me. Bob Macy was responsible for 48. A "Panhandler [of Texas] pip-squeak" can accomplished much for good, if he just gives all of him to God.

James, in 1980, I was Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority Oklahoma Chairman. We helped Don Nickles by organizing all 77 counties with a "Nickles for Senate" campaign. Andy had come "drunk" to a Christian meeting we had at the State Fair Grounds where brother Jerry Falwell came and spoke as we were fighting pornograph.

The daily Oklahoman did a story entitled "Pastor Slaps Coats," in which I told of his "stupidity" in not having enough sense not to come before 9,000 Christians "drunk." The next day their headline read "Coats Slaps Back." [Check it out. It's on the web!]

When Nickles won, Coats said, "If Vineyard and the church crowd had stayed out of this election, I would be your US Senator." I don’t know if that's so or not, but, that's what Coats said. Check it out too!

In 2003 I got involved in an effort to keep Condi’s [Jim Baker Public Policy Institute] Road Map to Peace Plan from taking effect and Jews being deported from 25 communities in Gaza and the Shomron. This insignificant jackstraw has gotten to know a huge number of Israelis consequently.

Boogie, Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon looked me up as a result of my being in Northern Israel during their 2nd Lebanon War in 2006, feeding Israeli Soldiers hot meals. 4,000 Katyusha Rockets fell on Northern Israel during that time. I suppose I heard over 200 of them hit within ½ mile of me. One hit 200 yards away while I was talking with Major General Udi Adam, Northern Division Commander, and Major Guy Markizano.

James, this ole "second fiddle, small fry" has visited, I might add, with armed IDF soldiers, in Armored Vehicles, all the West Bank ‘so-called’ Palestinian hot beds of Terrorism.

He has seen scores and scores and scores of "so-called" Palestinian Suicide Bombers, who have killed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of innocent JEW, honored with their pictures, and their "suicide bomber" feats put up on 3 ft x 5 ft signs on the Light Posts in West Bank towns like Kalkilya and Jenin.
Boogie, the Israeli Vice Prime Minister, said recently of me to Ukranian Baptist Pastors David Sloan and Bob Van Zant, " Jim Vineyard is one of the only true friends I can personally count on and Israel can depend on unconditionally to the end." He is 60 and I am 70. He has also said that "JAV is like a big brother to him." [All humbling James for a "no great shakes" fella from Texas.]

James, when PM Ehud Barak, with Bill Clinton’s help, took the Camp David proposal of "redivision of East Jerusalem" to heart, most Israelis still remembered that after seizing East Jerusalem in 1948, Jordon’s Arab Legion completely evicted the Jewish population from the Old City.

The Jewish Quarter was set aflame, its homes looted, and dozens of synagogues were destroyed. Tombstones from the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, which Zechariah says will split, when MESSIAH’s feet stand on it during the Great Tribulation, were converted, James, into outdoor toilets.

For 19 long years then, the Jews were prevented from praying at their holy cites, including the Western Wall. The Jordanians also barred Catholic and Greek Orthodox institutions from buying land and otherwise restricted the rights of Jerusalem’s Catholic and Orthodox population, which dropped by over 50 percent during the period of Jordanian rule.

When the Israelis "liberated," James, [that's the term] the Old City in 1967, Israel decided on a new approach to governing the old city. It adopted a law protecting the holy sites of all religions and guaranteeing their free access to all worshipers.

In 1995, James, the US Senate supported PM Yitzhak Rabin’s policies that Jerusalem must always remain the "united capital of Israel." Rabin had commanded the Paratroops that liberated the city in 1967.

A U.S. Senate "Jerusalem Embassy Act," passed by an overwhelming 93-5 vote, with Rep. Bob Dole and Dem. Tom Daschle—two politicians who agreed on little else, co-sponsored the bill.

James, during all this time, while Bill Clinton’s credulousness was at "Jimmy-Carter-work," the KGB’s "so-called-Palestinian" leader, Yasser Arafat, had his agents for psychological warfare running summer camps, where, according to the New York Times, tens of thousands of Palestinian teenagers were "learning the art of kidnapping, ambushing, and using assault weapons."

James, the "so-called" Palestinian people were created by the KGB in 1964 as a weapon against the West in the Cold War. There is no Palestinian language or cutler. Nada! Zilch!

James, 2 days after George W. Bush’s election, a lame-duck Clinton declared, "I’ve got ten weeks left in office and want to use that time to produce a comprehensive agreement, a historical agreement." Arafat launched his "al-Aqsa intifada" at that time, and since then, Israelis have suffered a never-ending wave of Palestinian sniper, rocket, and suicide bombing attacks, mostly directed at Civilians.

Now, James, while you were being "arrogantly defensive" about your stand regarding CAIR, at the High Noon Club yesterday, here was what was going on in the country you hope to be a US Congressman for:

News analyst Juan Williams' firing from National Public Radio for comments he made about being nervous when flying alongside devout Muslims has sparked a public outcry that includes calls for investigations and a cut in public funding to the broadcaster.
"I think the U.S. Congress should investigate NPR and consider cutting off their money," said Former House Speaker
Newt Gingrich, who is also a Fox News contributor
Gingrich called the firing "an act of total censorship."
"I think the whole idea that if you honestly say how you feel about Islam -- what he said was very balanced, people should read what he actually said -- the idea that that's the excuse for National Public Radio to censor Juan Williams is an outrage and every listener of NPR should be enraged that there's this kind of bias against an American," Gingrich said.
NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller sent an internal memo Thursday seeking to clarify why Williams' contract was terminated, claiming that the remarks he made on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" weren't the only problem -- he was canned because he's become a pundit rather than an analyst.
"Juan's comments on Fox violated our standards as well as our values and offended many in doing so," Schiller wrote in the memo, obtained by Fox News.
"This isn't the first time we have had serious concerns about some of Juan's public comments," she wrote. "Despite many conversations and warnings over the years, Juan continued to violate this principal (sic).
Speaking at the Atlanta Press Club Thursday, Schiller defended the firing, saying Williams should keep his feelings about Muslims between him and "his psychiatrist or his publicist."
Williams told Fox News that he was fired Wednesday by Ellen Weiss, NPR's vice president for news. He said Weiss told him he made a bigoted statement and crossed a line.
"I said, 'You mean I don't even get the chance to come in and we do this eyeball-to-eyeball, person-to-person, have a conversation? I've been there more than 10 years," Williams said. He said Weiss responded that "there's nothing you can say that would change my mind."
But Williams has won considerable support from media figures and lawmakers. The hosts of ABC's "The View," whose raucous interview with O'Reilly last week sparked a weeklong back-and-forth about making a distinction between Muslims and Islamic extremists, said NPR was wrong to let Williams go.
"I don't think he should have been fired, because, in fact ... lots of people have this idea," said host Whoopi Goldberg.
Host Barbara Walters said Williams perhaps should have been chastised, not fired because he was on the show to give his perspective.
"I think they were very wrong," she said of NPR.
Republican Rep. Peter King went further, calling on Congress to nix any federal money NPR gets "because of its indefensible bias."
"NPR has disgraced itself by caving into CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and by firing Juan Williams for exercising his right of free speech," he said. "This is political correctness carried to its extreme form."
Former Arkansas Gov.
Mike Huckabee, who hosts a show on Fox News, called on Congress to stop cutting checks to NPR and said he will no longer accept interview requests from NPR "as long as they are going to practice a form of censorship."
"NPR has discredited itself as a forum for free speech and a protection of the First Amendment rights of all and has solidified itself as the purveyor of politically correct pabulum and protector of views that lean left," he said.
Free Press, a nonprofit advocating media reform, denounced the calls to defund NPR.
"It is time to stop playing politics with our nation's public media system," Free Press President Josh Silve said in a written statement.
"Calling for Congress to defund NPR is nothing more than political opportunism by public figures who have built a career on such shenanigans," he said. "Regardless of what you think about Juan Williams' dismissal, calling for the defunding of NPR is like asking for the death penalty in small claims court."
In June, Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., introduced legislation to end taxpayer funding of PBS and NPR -- a bill that he says would save taxpayers about $450 million each year. But the bill has been largely ignored and gone nowhere.
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the parent company of PBS and NPR, received $420 million in taxpayer funds in 2010 and has requested $608 million for the next funding cycle that begins in 2013.
NPR says government funding makes up less than 2 percent of it budget, with the rest coming from station fees, sponsorships and grants. This week, the radio network received $1.8 million from billionaire investor George Soros to hire journalists to cover legislatures in all 50 states.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations had urged NPR to take swift action against Williams. The group said such commentary from a journalist about racial, ethnic or religious minority groups should not be tolerated.
"NPR should address the fact that one of its news analysts seems to believe that all airline passengers who are perceived to be Muslim can legitimately be viewed a security threats," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.
CAIR national spokesman Ibrahim Hooper told Fox News that the group is "pleased that the network addressed Muslim concerns."
"It was really up to them what to do in response," he said. "I think everyone has recognized now that perhaps it wasn't a good fit between the network and Mr. Williams."
Hooper said he did not think Williams, an African American who has written extensively on civil rights in the United States, is a bigot. But Hooper said, "Everybody's accountable for their words and their actions, and when he seemed to legitimize singling out people who are perceived to be Muslim based on their attire on airlines, I think that crosses the line."
And, James, while you were denigrating and condescendingly speaking down to the ole poor boy from the Panhandle of your Texas, here was what was happening in the Middle East. I will just give you the "import" of News Articles, not their entirety:
15 Oct. A top-secret Iranian military installation was struck by a triple blast Tues. Oct. 12 the day before Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad landed in Lebanon.

ME sources report the site held most of the Shehab-3 medium-range missile launchers stocked for striking US forces in Iraq and Israel - some set to deliver triple warheads (tri-conic nosecones).

The underground bunkers housing the launchers at the Revolutionary Guards Imam Ali mountain base in Lorestan were built to defy sabotage.

The 18 soldiers officially reported killed in the blasts and 14 injured belonged to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) main missile arm, the Al-Hadid Brigades.
This site was selected for an altitude which eases precise targeting and makes it hard to attack by air or ground forces.
It lies 400 kilometers from Baghdad and primary American bases in central Iraq and 1,250 kilometers from Tel Aviv and central Israel.
Both are well within the Shehab-3 missile's 1,800-2,500-kilometer operational range, which James, you admitted publicly you didn’t have a clue what a Shehab-3 was!
16 Oct: Saturday, Oct. 16, apparently out of the blue, the powers-that-be in Washington leaked the five-year old suggestion by David Coleman Headley's wife that her Chicago-based husband, a key figure in the planning and preparation of the terrorist plot that killed 174 people in Mumbai, was also a paid US informant while training in Pakistani terrorist camps.

Pakistani counter-terror sources offer two explanations for the timing of this leak now.

One: The federal authorities are anxious to distract American public attention from the court case beginning last week against the Palestinian-American Major Nidal Malik Hasan accused of murdering 13 US servicemen at Fort Hood base on Nov. 5, 2009 and responsibility for the most deadly Islamist terrorist attack ever staged in a US military installation.

Two: The US administration has come under heavy fire for the unspecific, imprecise terror alert the State Department issued on Oct. 3 for Mumbai-style multiple terror attacks across Europe.

Three weeks later, the warning, most counter-terror agencies in Europe are certain the alert was unfounded and hurt Washington's credibility.

16 Oct. Russia appears ready to sell Venezuela the same five advanced S-300PMU-1 air defense missile battalions it withheld from Iran because of international sanctions.

Middle East military sources report Venezuela's ruler Hugo Chavez offered to buy them when he met Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow Thursday, Oct. 14. Israel immediately turned to Washington to try and block the transaction. Clearly, the highly-sophisticated interceptors are bound for their original client, Iran, through its good friend Chavez.

But this deal will be harder to stop, partly because it gives Moscow the chance to recoup the $800 million lost by its cancellation of the sale to Iran.
16 Oct. Russia appears ready to sell Venezuela the same five advanced S-300PMU-1 air defense missile battalions it withheld from Iran because of international sanctions.
Military sources report Venezuela's ruler Hugo Chavez offered to buy them when he met Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow Thursday, Oct. 14.
Israel immediately turned to Washington to try and block the transaction.
Clearly, the highly-sophisticated interceptors are bound for their original client, Iran, through its good friend Chavez.
But this deal will be harder to stop, partly because it gives Moscow the chance to recoup the $800 million lost by its cancellation of the sale to Iran.
October 17, 2010 Briefs:
Incoming Israeli top soldier Maj. Gen. Galant takes leave of Southern Command, warns Operation Cast Lead did not solve our problems with Gaza
• French interior minister: Saudi Arabia warned Europeans, and especially France, of a fresh terrorist threat
• Iran arrests 6 Afghan officers and a soldier claiming they crossed into Iranian Sistan-Baluchestan
• Hugo Chavez arrives in Tehran Monday, will meet Ahmadinejad and other Iranian leaders
• Israeli government holds cabinet session at Degana A to mark century of kibbutz
• Merkel say German attempts to build multicultural society failed
• Immigrants must learn German to integrate •
Israel hosts international airport security conference next month, will exhibit new technology
• October 18, 2010 Briefs:
US, Israel will continue their drive to defeat Iran's efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and sponsor terror
• This statement issued at end of joint strategic review •
Four Muslim men caught in an FBI terrorism sting convicted of trying to blow up New York City synagogues and shoot down military planes with heat-seeking missiles
• One count on was a conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction within the US •
Three of the accused are born in the US, one in Haiti
• Iran takes part for first time in international "contact group" for Afghanistan meeting in Rome
• Turkey objects to NATO missile shield, demands proof it will not solely target Iran
• Trial begins in Turkey of 150 Kurds accused of subversion - among them 12 mayors
• Nine Afghan security guards of NATO convoy shot dead in S. Afghan Helmand province Sunday night
• Yemen court condemns to death Al Qaeda's Saleh Al-Shawsh, one of three top AQAP commanders
• 18 Oct. While raising Cain about Israeli settlement construction, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is seriously weighing a secret plan for bringing a fresh influx of Hamas fighting and intelligence forces into the West Bank at points opposite Israel, military and intelligence sources report.
Israel warns that this plan would bring IDF troops back into the West Bank towns turned over to the Palestinians and restore dozens of dismantled roadblocks.
The secret plan dubbed "Reform of Palestinian Security and Intelligence Services" tops the agenda of the second round of reconciliation talks between Abbas' Fatah and Hamas representatives opening in Damascus Wednesday, Oct. 20.
It would be a trade-off: Six US-trained Fatah special forces brigades would regain a foothold in the Gaza Strip for the first time since they were thrown out in Hamas' 2007 putsch and a corresponding number of Hamas deployed in the West Bank.

It is the touchiest point in the negotiations the Fatah-Hamas negotiations for burying the hatchet and cutting a power-sharing deal.
October 19, 2010 Briefs:
British court finds Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, nephew of King Abdullah's brother, guilty of brutally murdering his servant
• Two bullets struck wall and window of Pentagon's unoccupied south wing Tuesday
• Investigation continues •
Six killed in terrorist attack on Chechen parliament in Grozny
• Special government forces overwhelmed the assailants and killed them all
• Second group attacked Chechen Agriculture Ministry
• UK Navy flagship Ark Royal to be scrapped leaving UK without an air carrier, personnel slashed in massive British budget defense cuts
Hariri Tribunal reconstructs murder blast at French base!
19 Oct. The first reconstruction of the massive truck explosion which killed former prime minister Rafiq Hariri in Beirut five years ago was conducted at the French Air Force Base at Captieux near Bordeaux Tuesday, Oct. 19 in the presence of international explosives experts.

It was set up by the Office of Danielle Bellemare, Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, in line with its mandate to "identify and prosecute those responsible for the attack."
The re-enactment takes the inquiry a large step forward. Middle East counter-terror sources report that French President Nicolas Sarkozy had it postponed for more than two months fearing it would trigger an even bigger explosion in Lebanon.

To simulate the scene of the assassination, a model of the Beirut street was constructed at the Captieux base, armor-plated cars like those used in the convoy five years ago were brought in and deep pits dug, like the ones in which the explosives were planted.

October 20, 20101 Briefs:
Iran claims to have doubled its stock of enriched uranium
• In rowdy Knesset session in memory of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Netanyahu recalled that his predecessor never offered the Palestinians a state
• The Speaker stressed the murdered prime minister had fought for a united Jerusalem
• They were responding to opposition charges that the Netanyahu government was hard-line on peace
• NATO carries Taliban chiefs to Kabul for talks on Afghanistan War's end
• Some flown in from Quetta, Pakistan by US flights.
Others through routes formerly closed against them by US forces
• They include heads of the most radical Taliban faction, the Haqqani Network which has links to al Qaeda
• Ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden: Military action now "inexorable" because nothing else stops Iran's nuclear push
•Stopping at the "permanent breakout stage" more destabilizing for region than having a weapon, he said
• 20 Oct. The United States has posted a second aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, in the Persian Gulf.
The announcement came from the Pentagon Tuesday, Oct. 19, two days after the vessel put into port at Fifth Fleet headquarters in Manama, Bahrain.
Intelligence sources note that this is the first time in two years that Washington had deployed two aircraft carriers at same time - not just one - in waters opposite Iran and Afghanistan.
Together with the USS Harry Truman, the two vessels have 120 warplanes on their decks.
October 21 2010 Briefs:
IDF Galilee commander Yossi Bachar:
Israel has plan ready to invade S, Lebanon and destroy Hizballah
• His remark is widely reported by Lebanese media
• Ex-Operations Branch chief Maj. Gen. Tal Russo takes over IDF southern command
•Outgoing commander Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant takes office as chief of staff in four months
• Saudi King Abdullah and Ahmadinejad talk by phone for second time in a week
• Hillary Clinton advises Lebanese president not to tolerate bids to discredit UN Hariri tribunal
• Taliban sources tell Sky News that most of its funding comes from British donors
• First joint Saudi-Egyptian maneuver geared to Iranian threat

22 Oct.
Egypt and Saudi Arabia secretly carried out their first ever joint exercise this week with the participation of their special operations, marine, armored, missile, air and naval forces, military sources reveal.

Exercise Tabuk-2 was programmed to repulse a potential Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia by taking the battle over to Islamic Republican territory.

It took place in Egypt's northern desert abutting the Mediterranean Sea where conditions resemble the eastern Saudi Arabian Persian Gulf coast.

Sources note that a new chapter was written in Middle East military history this week:

The two largest Arab nations deployed their military strength in position for combating the Iranian army and its Revolutionary Guards Corps and showed they were willing to counter Iranian belligerence by invading the aggressor.

Tabuk-2, which Riyadh and Cairo took care to keep under wraps, took place from Sunday, Oct. 17 to Wednesday Oct.21 under the command of Acting Saudi Defense and Aviation Minister, Prince Khaled Bin Sultan, son of Crown Prince Sultan.

Egypt gave Israel advance notice of the maneuver and met with its approval.
James, I have been reading people’s eyes since I was a Golden Gloves Boxer in the Panhandle of Texas as a boy. I looked deep in your eyes at that debate up at the University in Edmond.

I looked deep in your eyes yesterday. You had a hard time looking me in the eyes.

Bob Dani says you are "coachable," and or "teachable." I think he is wrong. I hope he is right, for, I spect you will be elected 5th District Congressman come Nov. 2nd. Then, as I quoted to you yesterday, Colonel James "Bo" Gritz, "Sooner or later, the real you always stands up."

My prayer this morning at 4:24 AM, present time, is that Bob Dani is right, and ole JAV, the "over-the-hill-close-to-6ft-under" preacher-warrior IS WRONG!

I REMAIN, SINCERELY AND GRATEFULLY, ALTHOUGH A TAD HARSHLY [I am sure, to you,] a dutiful friend and obedient servant to sinners,


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