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Second Letter to Congress Elect James Lankford 5th District of OK

November 5, 2010

Dear Oklahoma 5th District Congressional-Elect James Lankford:
From my Motel Room in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Congressman, I write concerning "your buddies" of CAIR, [Council American Islamic Relations,] which I call, simply, the "Council for Furtherance Islamic Hegemony USA!" I am here preaching for the good people of Dr. Cecil Ballard's church in Marion, Iowa.
Let me quote for you Congressman, the article that Associated Press filed today:
CAIR Sues Oklahoma Over Sharia Law Ban
[James, I really like this next part!] From an outraged (at Oklahoma, of course) Associated Press:
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma Muslim filed a federal lawsuit on Thursday to block a state constitutional amendment overwhelmingly approved by voters that would prohibit state courts from considering international law or Islamic law when deciding cases.
The measure, which got 70 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election, was one of several on Oklahoma’s ballot that critics said pandered to conservatives and would move the state further to the right.
With 70% of the vote, it sounds like he ‘pandered’ to the voters. Which is the way our system is supposed to work.
The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City, seeks a temporary retraining order and injunction to block the election results from being certified by the state Election Board on Nov. 9. Among other things, the lawsuit alleges the ballot measure transforms Oklahoma’
s Constitution into "an enduring condemnation" of Islam by singling it out for special restrictions by barring Islamic law, also known as Sharia law.
In case that there was still any doubt in anyone’s mind that Islam equals ‘Sharia law.’ Or, for that matter, that Islam is anything other than an attempt to impose a system of governance upon the world.
"We have a handful of politicians who have pushed an amendment onto our state ballot and then conducted a well-planned and well-funded campaign of misinformation and fear," said Muneer Awad, who filed the suit and is executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma.
What projection. What else is CAIR but a handful of well-funded stooges who push a campaign of misinformation and fear?
"We have certain unalienable rights, and those rights cannot be taken away from me by a political campaign."
About 20,000 and 30,000 Muslims live in Oklahoma, Awad estimated.
Really? We have an unalienable right to make up our own system of laws? Who knew?
Somebody should contact Joseph Smith or any of his ex-wives.
Legal experts have also questioned the measure.
Joseph Thai, a professor at the University of Oklahoma’s College of Law, said the ballot measure is "an answer in search of a problem." He said he knows of no other state that has approved similar measures.
"There is no plausible danger of international law or Sharia law overtaking the legal system," Thai said in an e-mail to The Associated Press…
Really? Someone should tell that to the UK, where Sharia courts are popping up like mushrooms. Someone should tell that to Canada.
Thai said the ballot measure "raises thorny church-state problems as well" and could even affect a state judge’s ability to consider the Ten Commandments. "The Ten Commandments, of course, is international law. It did not originate in Oklahoma or the United States," Thai said…
Mr. Thai is an idiot.
It’s [sic] author, Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, said it was not intended to attack Muslims but to prevent activist judges from relying on international law or Islamic law when ruling on legal cases.
"The threat posed by activist judges is clear," Duncan said. "It shouldn’t matter what the law in France or any other European country is." …
In France, for instance, husband’s have escaped punishment for beating their wives by citing their adherence to Islam’s Sharia law.
The questions are the product of a Republican-controlled Legislature, which circumvented Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry — a Democrat — to take them to the ballot. Critics say Republicans were trying to beef up voter turnout among certain conservative groups by appealing to biases on immigration, Islam and the reach of Washington in a state where President Barack Obama failed to win a single county in 2008
… Oh, those Machiavellian Republicans. By the way, remember how the press chided the Democrats for putting pot legalization on the ballot in California and elsewhere to turn out their brain dead constituents?
We don’t either.
Then, Congressman, I received an article from a Jewish friend of mine in Israel [Quote]:

"Despite all our help, Muslims still hate us." Here’s why.
By Kathy Shaidle - November 3, 2010 - NewsReal Blog -
Im not sure how I got along before I discovered Investor’s Business Daily.
All I know is, sometime after 9/11, I started reading IBD and encountered, in their op-ed pages, a robust, refreshing alternative to the wimpy
"on the one hand, on the other hand" drivel that passes for editorial comment in most legacy newspapers.
IBD has outdone itself with a new editorial slamming the twee concept of "interfaith dialogue" and "understanding":
On October 29, the editors at IBD wrote:
A new international poll shows the folly of Washington’s strategy of winning Muslim "hearts and minds."
Despite all our help, Muslims still hate us. (…) Even so-called moderate leaders are against us. "Yes, Muslims are against the West," responded Adnan Abu Odeh, 73, former political adviser to Jordan’s King Hussein. "Why? Western foreign policies, especially on two issues: the Palestinian issue and now Iraq.
"These are the issues people talk about day and night. And which the news focuses on day and night. And they come to the eyes and ears of the Muslims who have been surveyed, daily in the bloodiest way — it’s killing, women screaming and yelling, and soldiers frowning. So what they hate is American foreign policy."
Now, far be it from me to mock the sinister international menace known as "Soldier Frown," which sounds like it should be right up there with "Restless Leg Syndrome."
But let's always remember: Islam has been at war with the West long before 9/11 or the establishment of the state of Israel. Alas, the Muslim predilection for absurd conspiracy theories (which are altered on the fly as current events demand) is abundantly and embarrassingly evident in the Pew study that inspired the IBD editorial.
(In fact, I've finally solved the puzzle that has confounded so many since September 11, to whit: "Why is the Left allying itself with its supposed ideological opposite number, namely radical Islam?")
(The answer lies in a famous quotation of Ronald Reagans; merely substitute the word "Muslims" for "liberals" and magically, all is revealed: "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.")
Alas, the Pew results will simply inspire the elites to call for still even more "interfaith dialogue," "bridge-building" and "Muslim outreach."
My fellow Canadian blogger, Scaramouche, has a phrase for these impotent, feel-good make-work projects: "Project Samosa." Progressive Jews and Christians share tasty, exotic ethnic food with professional Muslims, and come away thinking their unctuous hosts are as interested in "dialogue" as they are.
Wrong. Quite simply: dialogue, education and compromise are Western notions, not Muslim ones.
This is especially obvious when you watch
semi-Westernized Muslims try to act out these foreign concepts during controversies; they can only last about 10 minutes before the mask drops.
Islam is the only religion that teaches that lying is a virtue.
What good is "dialogue" with stubborn, delusional, uneducated, compulsive liars?
The answer is: it makes the "dialog-ees" — the progressive Jews and Christians — feel both worldly and virtuous, which is a rare combination and therefore an intoxicating feeling. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t come up with a new colored ribbon for "interfaith dialogue." Give it time.
Like all addicts, progressives will keep on chasing the "dialogue" dragon, to relive that exciting yet ultimately empty sensation.
And we pay the price for their delusions, in terms of our sovereignty and security.
By the way: Muslims hate us because we are helping them. Needing help implies weakness and inferiority. In an honor-based culture like Islam, accepting help from outsiders, particularly infidels, is humiliating.

As an ancient saying from yet another culture has it: "Save a man’s life — and he’ll never forgive you."
James, in World War II, our "forgotten ally" was the Jews of the Jewish Brigades which fought so valiantly on the side against Hitler’s Nazism, Italy’s Fascism, and Japanese Buddhism!
When the "First Brigade of the Free French," mainly composed of Foreign Legionnaires, after marching north through the Sahara from Fort Lamy on Lake Chad, was trapped by General Rommell at Bir Hacheim [see L’Epopee de Bir Hakim, by Jean-Pierre Besnard, Les Oeuvres Nouvelles, Editions de la Maison Francais] in Libya in June, 1942, and there, clamping itself to the bare rocky soil, performed the miracle of another Verdun by holding the line for Montgomery for a whole month during the most critical stage of the battle of Libya, repelling daily mass assaults by tanks and undergoing almost hourly bombardment by huge flocks of Nazi Stuka Dive Bombers, a "Company of Jewish Engineers" belonging to the King’s West Africa Rifles went through the same experience at Mechili, fifty miles to the east.

The Jewish military epic is related in the communiques of General Koenig, the Commanding General of the Free French. The Jewish company was spotted by German scout planes as they were laying down a mine field which was to be a bar to attempts by Rommel to turn the flank of the Eighth Army as it stood with its back at Alamein.
The Nazi Observers caught sight of the Jewish Engineers working in the open desert, swooped down to strafe them, and then flew off. That was June 1, 1942.
For the next two days the whole plain around Mechili was blotted out in a whirling, yellow sandstorm which made the working party invisible from Airplanes.
The Jews could hear Messerschmitts and Junkers roaring above the clouds of dust and apparently looking for them.
However, visibility on the ground, for these 2 days, was down to absolute zero.
Mechili is a stretch of flint-strewn sand with lava outcroppings, bordered on the east by the first undulating sand dunes of the Sahara. It is not an oasis, as some had made it out to be-far from that! Here and there one finds a clump of burnt shrubbery, the color of ocher, but no treees, and no shade, nothing but scorched desolation—sand and rocks.
There was a well there, however, at which "travelers" would stop for the night, which was made famous by the 1934 scientific expedition of Professor Charles Perrault who was investigating the causes of the unexplained phenomenon of the [then] sinking of the level of Lade Chad.
The Jewish Engineer Company’s task was to lay down a mine field in the shape of a quadrangle on a surface four miles by three. On the borders of that mine field, the mines were placed 6 feet apart; farther inside, they were more widely spaced.
Those mines were the size of a soup plate and consisted of a metal box filled with an explosive. They were placed in a hole, and then covered up, so that, in a few days time the sand levels the earth and no visible trace of the minefield was left. Such mines were designed to halt trucks weighing over 500 lbs, tanks, and artillery. They would not explode, James, when a man walked over them.
As soon, James, as the sand-storm subsided, 60 heavy Nazi bombers paid them a visit and blew up half of their trucks. When the Stukas returned the following morning, and twice more in the course of the afternoon of June 4, the officer in charge of the mine-laying operation, Major Felix Liebman, a citizen of Tel Aviv, heliographed the nearest British post asking for some antiaircraft guns.
The answer, James, came immediately back that 10 antiaircraft guns would be sent, also "immediately," plus some antitank guns, and that the Jews must be prepared to face a land assault at any moment. British Scout Planes had observed a column of Nazi tanks moving in the direction of Mechili.
With tha message came word that the Commander in Chief himself, General Sir Bernard Montgomery, ordered them to continue laying the mine-field, and to "hold the field" at all costs. The very fact that the Nazis were paying so much attention to Mechili showed the importance they attached to the place.
Reinforcements, too, were promised. But, James, reinforcements, nor the guns, never showed! Now, a word here, hopefully edifying you James, is that CAIR knows the importance of the "non-Sharia, non-international-law" state question passed in Oklahoma Tuesday.
Lets re-vist Mechili, however James, and we find the Jewish Engineers surrounded on three sides by a ring of enemy tanks, both German and Italian, and the Engineering Garrison was "cut off" from all contact with the outside world.
Before attacking, as was Nazi custom, the German Brigadier sent a tank with "a white flag" attached, and the message to hoist the signal to surrender. That happened on the morning of Jue 10. Major Liebman said to the German Officer who brought the message: "We have no white flag. All we have is this banner. This we are going to fly. It’s the blue flag of Zion!"
"Sie sind Jude" [You are a Jew], said the German in surprise, clicked his heels, saluted, and walked off.
Six hours later, James, the tanks came rumbling towards the position, 60 in one column, and then 2 columns of 25 in each, or a total of 110 tanks. A flock of Stuka Dive Bombers appeared simultaneously, but were forced to drop its bombs prematurely when it was attacked by British Kittyhawk fighter planes.
But, James, the tanks rumbled on. The Jews held their fire until the first metal monster reached their barbed wire stakes. Then, they let go. Two tanks were disabled by mines. 19 others were hit by Jewish antitank fire. One Jewish Sergeant, James, accounted for 7 of the Nazi tanks. OUR FORGOTTEN ALLIES, James!
Meeting with so much unexpected resistance, the main tank column, which belonged to the Italian Ariete Division, halted, signaled to the others, and started to withdraw. This was the moment for which Major Liebman had prepared. 60 of his men who had been hidden in dugouts near the extremities of the mine field rushed out when the Italians turned tail and bombarded the retreating tanks in their vulnerable rear with hand grenades, bottles filled with gasoline, and tommy guns.
Some of the Jews, James, jumped on the backs of the retreating tanks, and fired their weapons through the lookout slits and gun hole. In this way 5 more enemy tanks were accounted for. As the last Italian caterpillar moved off, British fliers swooped low over the mine field and waved their hands at the Jews.
Then, James, starting the next day, and for 7 days, the Germans subjected Mechili to a merciless aerial bombardment, twice daily. They had decided to reduce the position by air assault, wiping out the little garrison and thereby clearing a path for their tanks around the leftmost extremities of Montgomery’s flank.
So, James, for seven straight days the bombs rained down, turning the Jewish mine field into a wailing hell of steel in which it did not seem possible for human nerves or human life itself to endure. On quadron of Stukas had not passed over and dumped its ghastly load before the next one winged into sight. They dive-bombed the trucks, the dugouts, the gun crews. They churned and plowed up the mine field, filling it with craters two stories deep until Mechili was an inferno of boiling red-hot, iron missiles in an inferno of blistering desert heat.
But, James, blessed be the LORD GOD OF THE HEBREWS, and to "blankety-blank" with your "Ishmaelite Throat Slitters" false god "allah," —STILL THE JEWS HELD OUT, OUR FORGOTTEN ALLIES!
On June 20, James, the Nazi tanks returned "en masse." Upon their approach, the weary, hungry, thirsty defenders clambered out of their foxholes and manned the guns they had. Again they repelled the assault of the Ariete Divsion while an aerial battle went on above their heads, and British fighters drove off the Stukas come to administer the coup de grace to the Jewish garrison.
But, James, at the end of that fateful day, although 41 smoking tanks testified to the deadly accuracy of the Jewish gunners, only 90 men were left out of Major Liebman’s original 500.
Ten more days passed James. Each day the Italians renewed the attack, raking the mine field with a murderous fire, getting nearer and nearer to the central position with each onslaught. Then, the water well was hit and stove in by a well-place Stuka bomb, and the "agony commenced." Have you ever been, "really thirsty," James?
From that day on, the men were reduced to a daily pint of water from the tin cans dropped by the R.A.F.
Major Liebman had banded his men closely together around the deep, central dugout. Here, he decided, they were GOING TO MAKE THEIR LAST STAND! OUR FORGOTTEN ALLIES JAMES?
Outside their perimeter lay the bodies of their comrades which the Stukas would not leave buried, but plowed up and sent up in the air, a ghastly, maddening dance of rotting flesh and bones.
Two men went out of their minds on June 25, two more on June 26. Three men rushed off shrieking into the desert. And yet, the bombardment continued.
With the continued dust clouds, the summer heat also mounted every day and the scorching wind blew up further dust, making the men’s thirst to grow unbearable. Some drank gasoline James, and perished.
45 [of the original 500] were left James, on July 1st. They were only a handful of unrecognizable scarecrows, scarcely human in appearance, unkempt, haggard, covered with grime, emaciated, some stark naked, having had their clothes blown off them by the concussions of 500 lb bombs exploding nearby!
On July 2nd, 1942, James, our "Forgotten Allies" faced their last assault at six in the morning, losing two more men, and yet putting the Italian tanks to flight once more.
At 10:00 AM that day, James, the lookout man, who could scarcely speak, his tongue cleaving to the roof of his parched mouth, warned Major Liebman that a column of trucks was approaching, led by an automobile bearing the "tricolor of France."
The Jewish Commanded, James, Major Liebman, although wounded in the head and in the groin, staggered to his feet, and waved the answering signal.
The French Legionnaires approached. They were the remnant, James, of the Free French from Bir Hacheim, who had received orders from General Montgomery to withdraw the night before. The Jews stumbled into the open, looking like so many tortured ghosts. General Koenig of the Free French walked up to Major Liebman and embraced him. "Vous avez tenu bon, jusqu’au bout," [You held out till the end,] he said.
Then, James, tears choked the Frenchman’s voice. The Jews were given water and the Major informed them that they were to accompany the French column.
A Jewish soldier took down the blue and white flag of Zion, which, James, we fly in the Auditorium of Windsor Hills Baptist Church, which I had the privilege of pastoring for 30 years, and was about to place that flag in its holder, when General Koenig saw him and asked a question.
"We are not permitted to fly that flag," explained Major Liebman. "It is against regulations..."
"Pardon," said General Koenig, "I am in command here. Je m’en fous pas mal des regulations, [I don’t care a d..n about regulations...That flag goes on my car in frong, next to the tricolor. That’s where it belongs. Nous sommes victorieux, tous les deux, [We have both come through victoriously!"
And, turning to his men, the French officer shouted: "Legionnaires! Le drapeau juif! Salut! [Leginnaires, the Jewish flag! Salute..."
Now, Congressman Lankford, we forgot our Allies back yonder in the Second World War! We identified our enemies, and with them, we fought our enemies together.
The "Council for Furtherance Islamic Hegemony USA" has declared themselves as an enemy of the people of Oklahoma with this "hegemony" lawsuit! You cannot see that is what they are doing in Londonstan and Paristan and Brussellstan!
I am an "adopted Okie!" I was adopted into the family of Jehovah God back on Sep. 17th, 1964, in a Motel Room in Moline, Illinois.
I am not going to forget that it was "not Baptists" who flew those four planes into the WTC, the Pentagon, and a Pa. Field back on 9/11/01, but the same "religionists" whom Okies voted that their Qur’an, their Mohammed, and their [false god] "allah" would not be followed in the Courts of Oklahoma, nor in any other fashion.
The Battle Lines are drawn Congressman! Whom are your ALLIES?

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