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January 11, 2010

Dear Pastors:

The Bride of my youth and I are back home in Oklahoma, where, from time to time, we continue to watch the news unfold about Jared Laughner, Congresslady Gabby Gifford’s shooter this past Saturday.

Patricia Maisch looks like a grandmother, but she is being hailed as a hero today for helping to stop alleged Tucson shooter

The FBI states that there is no doubt Gabrielle Giffords was Target. [ Laughner’s favoritism of Mein Kampf, and Gabby being Jewish, tells the whole story. He appears to be a "skin head Anti-Semite!"]

Maisch, 61, effectively disarmed the shooter as several men pounced on him and threw him to ground. As they struggled to hold him down, Maisch joined the scrum on the ground, clinging to the gunman's ankles. aisch and her fellow heroes -- identified as Bill Badger, Roger Sulzgeber and Joseph Zamudio -- stopped the carnage after 20 people were shot, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Six people died.

Ole JAV watches acts of "anti-Semitism" grow in intensity and greater numbers continually. There are many "Jew Haters" in the Holy Scriptures, of which I shall mention Haman only. History’s greatest anti-Semite probably was Adolf Hitler!

The real root of the extreme hostility within [those who operate under the guise] of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ towards Jews worldwide, and Israel especially, lies in the resurrection of the "previously discredited doctrine of "Replacement Theology," which is also known as "supersessionism," all neatly wrapped in "politics and ideology."

Condi Rice was an admitted "supersessionist." But, probably her "anti Semitic feelings" had more to do with Birmingham’s KKK in September 1963 than anything else.

"Replacement Doctrine Theology" goes all the way back to the 3rd century when Origen, of Alexandria, regarded as the "father of Christian doctrine" by Catholics, concluded that the Jews had lost their "favored position" [as Everlastingly Covenanted People,] with God, and that Christians were now the "New Israel."

There were people in Jeremiah’s day, the princes of the court, whom I simply call "dandies" as there are "dandies" in our day who state that "the Jews’ divine election was revoked and they were ‘destined to stand in perpetual opposition’ to God Almighty!"

Some Jews feel that "this doctrine," which lays behind centuries of Christian hatred of the Jews, was "driven by the Holocaust" underground, which I don’t think I can totally agree with.

However, I do know positively that it is "back," ‘kick-started’ by Palestinian Christian Liberation Theology, which states falsely, that the Palestinian Arabs were the "original possessors" OF THE Land of Israel

Thus, the former Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, Riah Abu El-Assal, claimed that Palestinian Christians are "the true Israel,' adding' no one can deny me the right to inherit the promises, and after all the promises were first given to Abraham and [don’t miss this,] [Riah says,] "Abraham is never spoken of as a Jew, just as the father of the Faithful."

This false claim that the "so-called Palestinians" are the true people of the land combines with replacement theology to make the case against the State of Israel. To supersessionist Christians, such as Condi Rice and George W., and some of our present day "dandies," Israel is an ungodly interloper and her defenders are the enemies of God—which is precisely the Muslim and Arab argument, a characterization which has tapped into unsavory echoes deep in church history.

The Middle East Council of Churches, a WCC shootoff, states that we "Christian Zionists" are heretics. During the centuries that the churches in the MECC were under "Muslim rule" they were treated as dhimmi-subjugated minorities-alongside the Jews.

But, the folks of these "Churches" operating under the "guise" of Christianity wanted to exaggerate the theological gulf between them and the Jews "to insure that the Muslims would treat them better. Consequently, these churches, which primarily are "eastern Churches," deeply committed themselves to supersessionism over the Jews, which they believed helped them to have comfortable relations with Islam.

Have you heard of the "Truther Movement?" It says that AIDS was created in a CIA laboratory, Princess Diana was murdered to prevent her from marrying a Muslim, 9/11 was orchestrated by the Bush administration, in some versions [particularly popular in the Muslim word,] was aided and abetted by the Israeli Mossad.

All such "anti-Semitic" nonsensical ideas have been presented in a documentary called "Loose Change," which posits such ideas, and on a steadily enlarging fringe, fevered discussions of UFOs, aliens and mind control veer into allegations of conspiracies by hidden elites amongst the Bilderbergers, Rothschild banks, heavily laden with anti-Semitic paranoia about the alleged sinister power of the Jews.

At Wellesley College, Professor Anthony Martin, taught his students that Greek culture was stolen from Africa and that the Jews were responsible for the slave trade. He was exposed by Mary Lefkowitz in her book History Lessons. Mary found that "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews," one of Martin’s texts, accused Jews of instigating a "black African Holocaust" and was drawn in large measure from Henry Ford’s "The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem."

Philosopher Leo Strauss, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, influenced those called "neocons" in the George W. Administration, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. Strauss was grateful to the United States and deeply committed to liberal democracy.

However, anti-Semites went after Strauss post-haste, using a set of compound misapprehensions: Because neocons supported the war in Iraq, anyone who supported the war in Iraq was a neocon. Because neocons supported the war, they were natural "warmongers." Because they opposed the left, they were "the right." Because a lot of them were Jews, all neocons were Jews.

The neocons were accused of believing in the "lying on principle" in accordance with the thinking of he who had influenced so many of them, Leo Strauss. Strauss, the anti-Semites claimed, had concocted the idea of the "noble lie" without which the "vulgar masses" would become ungovernable. The claim of the anti-Semites was, Straus was "a profoundly tribal and fascistic thinker" with "a profound antipathy to both liberalism and democracy."

In my left pants pocket I carry a piece of shrapnel from a Hamas Katyusha rocket which exploded about 200 yards to my front, two years ago tomorrow, January 12, 2009. While there in Israel during Operation Cast Lead, the "so-called" Palestinians, and their willing dupes in the media, were belaboring the "medieval blood libel," centered on the idea that the Jews are child-killers and blood drinkers.

The Jews, my brethren, are a unique people, with a unique history. I would recommend you read everything Dr. J. Frank Norris had to say about the Jews. The treatment of the present Jewish state is also unique.

There is no other nation in the world that, having been the target of annihilatory attacks for six decades, is expected to make concessions to its attackers even while the assaults continue.
There is no other nation in the world whose right to existence is deemed to be forfeit through its behavior.
There is no other nation in the world whose right to existence is deemed to be forfeit through someone else’s behavior, for which it is made the scapegoat.

On July 2, 1881, after four months in office, President James Garfield, who had survived the Civil War battles of Shiloh and Chickamauga, needed a vacation. He was vexed by warring Republican factions — the Stalwarts, who waved the bloody shirt of Civil War memories, and the Half-Breeds, who stressed the emerging issues of industrialization.

Walking to Washington's Union Station to catch a train, Garfield by chance encountered a disappointed job-seeker. Charles Guiteau drew a pistol, fired two shots and shouted "I am a Stalwart and Arthur will be president!" On Sept. 19, Garfield died, making Vice President Chester Arthur president. Guiteau was executed, not explained.

On Sept. 6, 1901, President William McKinley, who had survived the battle of Antietam, was shaking hands at a Buffalo exposition when Leon Czolgosz approached, a handkerchief wrapped around his right hand, concealing a gun. Czolgosz, an anarchist, fired two shots. Czolgosz -"I killed the president because he was the enemy of the good people — the good working people. I am not sorry for my crime," was executed, not explained.

Now we have explainers. They came into vogue with the murder of President Kennedy. They explained why the "real" culprit was not a self-described Marxist who had moved to Moscow, then returned to support Castro.

No, the culprit was a "climate of hate" in conservative Dallas, the "paranoid style" of American (conservative) politics, or some other national sickness resulting from insufficient liberalism.

Our Holy Bible states in Colossians 2:8, "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. "
Dr. Ed Bragg, St. Louis, Mo., after watching Boogie speaking on the DVD’s we made in California last month, wrote me stating:
"Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'Alon used four words that were perfect explanations of Col. 2:8... He used "Solutionalism" and "Nowism". These two words are good explanations of the words, "philosophy" and "vain deceit". He then used the phrase, "self guilt". Self guilt explains the "traditions of men".

Neither "Solutionalism" nor "Nowism" will settle the problem facing the world’s people today. Explaining away conduct won’t cut it either! Americans have to deal with what we are facing, and we, in our dealings, best come down on the side of the NATION OF ISRAEL, THE EVERLASTINGLY COVENANTED PEOPLE!

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