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Kicking the Can Down the Road

August 25, 2015
Dear  Preachers:
THE IBD SAYS THAT The Iranian Ayatollah said recently,  "Every human being has to wage jihad. Allah is my witness that if I were not old and sick, I would be the first person to make jihad against Israel." 
Somehow Brethren, it  is even more apparent we need to stop this bad deal BHO-Kerry and company commited the USA to.

You know this is a bad deal. It doesn't stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Even if they abide by the deal, which is highly unlikely,  
we are merely kicking the can down the road and allowing them to develop nuclear weapons in 10-15 years
 , with the blessing of the world community. We must stop this bad deal.  

The loss of anytime, anywhere inspections have crumbled the ability for the United States to enforce the deal. Iran will be notified 24-days before inspection of the inspection location and of the classified way we gathered intelligence of where to inspect.  In the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu, "can you imagine giving a drug dealer 24 days’ notice before you inspect the premises?”  We must stop this bad deal.  

Our very own State Department labels Iran as one of only three state-sponsors of terrorism. Their network of evil stretches far beyond the Middle East where they train, fund, and equip terrorist.  An independent commission declared that Iran harbored and provided safe passage to the heinous terrorists that carried out the attacks on September 11th, 2001.  What then will happen when we allow them to develop nuclear weapons and give them billions of dollars of sanction relief? We must stop this bad deal.  

We must put pressure on Congress to reject this deal and prevent our children from inheriting a dangerous nuclearly-armed regime.
 We have four Senators that are undecided, but leaning towards supporting the deal. We must not let this happen.  If you live in the states where   Senators  Ben Cardin, Md, Cory Booker, NJ, Michael {No Child Left Behind,] Bennett, Colo., and Joe Manchin, W. Va.,  are, then please listen to ole jav’s admonition and put all the pressure you can on them to not allow the IRAN DEAL to stand as this bad deal, BHO-Kerry and company, commited us to.
PLEASE USE The Iranian Ayatollah’ quote, 
 "Every human being has to wage jihad. Allah is my witness that if I were not old and sick, I would be the first person to make jihad against Israel."    Write a nice letter.  Make nice Phone Calls.   But, somehow, make your presence known, Pastors. 
     For lawmakers not convinced that the ‍Iran deal is a rotten deal (in large part because it guarantees that ‍Iran will develop an industrial-size nuclear weapons program and assistance in upgrading its aggressive action in the region), the revelation of the side letter concerning the Parchin military site might do it.
   U.S. News explains: “According to a draft document viewed by AP, ‍Iran has agreed to cooperate with the U.N. in answering longstanding allegations about possible past work to develop nuclear weapons at its Parchin plant — but only with the Iranians conducting the inspections themselves.
   “‍Iran would collect its own environmental samples on the site and carry out other work usually done by IAEA experts. The IAEA will be able to review the Iranians’ work after the fact. The deal on Parchin was between the IAEA and ‍Iran. The Obama Administration was not a direct party to the agreement, but apparently was aware of it. . . .
   “Any IAEA inspection of a country suspected of nuclear irregularities is usually carried out by agency experts. They may take swipes of residue on equipment, sample the air or take soil samples in attempts to look for signs of clandestine work on atomic arms or other potentially dangerous unreported activity.
   “The document on Parchin, however, will let the Iranians themselves look for signs of the very activity they deny — past work on nuclear weapons. It says ‘Iran will provide’ the agency with environmental samples. It restricts the number of samples at the suspect site to seven and to an unspecified number ‘outside of the Parchin complex’ at a site that still needs to be decided.”
   This takes “trust us” to a whole new level and severely undermines the administration’s claim that the deal has a super-duper inspection scheme. In fact, as the report notes, “Olli Heinonen, in charge of the ‍Iran investigation as IAEA deputy director general from 2005 through 2010, says he can think of no similar arrangement — a country essentially allowed to carry out much of the probe of suspicions against it.”
   Mark Dubowitz, a widely respected sanctions guru, states, “A major part of the story that hasn’t been reported is what kind of precedent this establishes for access to future military sites.”
   He continues: “Is this technical arrangement a one-off as it relates to Parchin or will this be the new normal for all other military sites? The former is concerning enough. The latter would be truly alarming. And, Brethren, we cannot sit still and let this bad deal be validated by the US Senate.  Since ‍Iran repeatedly has claimed that the IAEA isn’t getting ‘access’ to military sites, is this technical arrangement how a compromise with ‍Iran was reached?”
   In short, he concludes, “If that’s the case, no weapons inspectors will ever see the inside of an Iranian military base.”
   So why is this so crucial? With respect to this deal, it obviously provides‍ Iran with a road map to cheating. It is one more signal to Iran along with our refusal to blow the whistle on noncompliance during the interim deal — that it will be given wide berth to keep its program alive. In essence it is a flashing red light screaming: We are not serious about this.
   “If this were not so dangerous and tragic, it would be worthy of an Onion parody,” says an official at a pro-Israel organization. “Letting the Iranians participate in their own inspections renders the verification regime about ‍Iran‍’‍s past nuclear work meaningless.
   “Moreover, it sets a very dangerous precedent for inspection of future suspect military sites.” The official argues, “This new stunning revelation is why all those on record as supporting the deal should reconsider, and all those undecided should oppose it.”
   But even worse if this deal goes through, every other arms arrangement and inspection regime would be undercut. Every regime will want to inspect itself. I mean, if ‍Iran gets to, why not other countries?
   The Non-Proliferation Treaty already was getting thrown under the bus (because we allow a bad actor to keep enriching), but the deal may fatally wound all other inspection arrangements. The source at the pro-Israel organization wisecracks:
   “Because of this unique arrangement in inspections we have a new technical term of art: Iranian selfies.”
   President Obama’s deal is not only a bad deal and worse than no deal. It is also destructive of all current and future attempts to control and prevent WMDs. In that regard it is not merely ineffective, but hugely dangerous as well.
   The president is asking serious Democrats to make themselves look like fools by going along with this farce. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., laid out the outlines of a better deal, one that Congress should implore the administration to seek. He can add one more item: Don’t allow a regime that has cheated for decades and concealed its weapons program to inspect its own program.
Seeing Iran as a threat then provokes us to look at The threat behind the New Korean Hostilities: A Sense Of American Weakness
   North Korea’s nuclear-armed dictator Kim Jong-un announced his forces are in a “quasi-state of war” as they fire artillery into South Korea. Behind it are doubts of U.S. resolve.
     Just months before Communist North Korean troops invaded South Korea in the summer of 1950, beginning the Korean War in which over tens of thousands of Americans gave their lives, Secretary of State Dean Acheson let it be known that the Koreas were outside America’s “defense perimeter.”
   No one in the Obama administration may have made a statement projecting such provocative weakness directly in Pyongyang’s direction. But actions speak louder than words, and with our withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, and our appeasement ofIran, President Obama is letting it be known that the worlds lone superpower doesnt do ground wars anymore.
 “When I ran for president eight years ago as a candidate who had opposed the decision to go to war in Iraq, I said that America didn’t just have to end that war,” Obama said at his recent American University speech defending the ‍Iran nuclear deal. “We had to end the mindset that got us there in the first place.”
   According to Obama, “it was a mindset characterized by a preference for military action over diplomacy.” And one of his favorite talking points is that the U.S. must avoid “getting dragged into another ground war.”
   That is clearly music to the ears of his Democrat Party base. But to America’s enemies around the world, it’s the sound of U.S. weakness — and the opportunity for aggression.
   We may have about 29,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea right now, but about a decade ago we had more than 40,000; in Ronald Reagan’s second term we had 45,000. But what difference do numbers make if we are unwilling to use them if and when the enemy launches a war?
   The exchanges between oppressive North Korea and free South Korea are the most ominous hostilities between the two powers in many years. It could dissipate as past exchanges have.
   Then again, supreme leader Kim Jong Un and his military advisors may well have determined that the second half of the second term of a president “elected to end wars” is the perfect time to strike.
   After all, if Obama is so adamant that “another prolonged ground war in the Middle East” is “not in our national security interest,” what would ever convince him that a major ground war in the Korean Peninsula would be?
   Another sign of U.S. weakness that can’t have gone unnoticed by Kim and his henchmen is found elsewhere in Asia. Politico reported last month of friction between the White House and the Pentagon regarding artificial islands in the South China Sea upon which China claims as territory:
   “Military officials and congressional hawks want the U.S. to make a major demonstration by sending warships within 12 miles of the artificial islands and make clear to China that the U.S. rejects its territorial claims.”
   By not doing so, they charge, the administration “is tacitly accepting China’s destabilizing moves, which are seen by U.S. allies in the region such as Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam as highly threatening.”
The giant platforms could be mobile, and U.S. Pacific Command chief Adm. Harry Harris last month warned they could be used as bases for Chinese bombers, fighters, ships and surveillance.
   Whether it’s North Korea invading the south, or China invading free Taiwan, our downsized military which can no longer fight two major wars simultaneously, is led by a commander-in-chief who repeatedly makes it clear that he won’t commit troops to a mission to repel aggression.
Iran, Korea, China, are all ---Brethren, causing us to be really praying for our country with BHO, Kerry, and their Minions  doing to our great nation what they are doing, and it’s standing in the world, oh my soul, how we need to be praying. 
Those fellas on the “Train in Europe,” and their action in taking down the “guy with the guns” is the kind of “action” our countrymen need motivation to.
Now, I am sure some of you may say, “Don’t listen to ole jav, he will get you killed.”  But, in doing so, he may keep someone else from dying, as the Train heroes did. 
As a young ‘sojer-boy’ I learned you have to put your life on the line.  Those heroes on the train did that.

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