Monday, July 19, 2010

Article from ThinkIsrael - Stages of Global Muslim Takeover


It's the start of another year and a traditional time for stock-taking. In the January-February 2009 issue, we presented the Stages of Global Muslim Takeover. We would like to repeat them now.

1. Infiltrate quietly, settling in small numbers near or among the locals' towns and villages.
2. Establish friendly relations, and convince others of the virtues of Islam.
3. Participate in community activities and provide charity for the poor and generosity to all, while encouraging the immigration of other Muslims.
4. Get converts and supporters from the rank and file of the local population, particularly from the poor and disenfranchised of the host society, via the multiple mosques and madrasas and charitable and human rights groups. (Today, in the case of the US and EU, converts come in great numbers from the ranks of criminals, especially imprisoned African-Americans.)
5. Agitate for greater and broader rights and considerations for Muslims, and for protection against real or imagined "Islamophobia".
6. Organize a political party to push for changes in law to permit Muslim-only enclaves and for laws that formalize the host society's accommodation of Muslim religious needs.
7. Institute the divide-and-conquer strategy of making pacts with some anti-establishment or minority government groups, legal (as has been done in the USA with Green Party, National Lawyers Guild) or illegal (KKK, Aryan Nation) so they will help in the following stages.
8. Once you have the power base (some 10-15 percent of the population), then use violence, strikes, street riots, assassination, intimidation and bribery of government officials to destabilize the government.
9. If the host country's government response to the violence is not effective, then there is a de facto green light to start full-blown terrorism which will topple the government and allow Muslim leaders to move up the power ladder with the help of the anti-establishment groups. Once in power, Muslim leaders can use their influence over the agitating Muslim population to quell the violence, thus pretending that they are helping restore order even as they themselves orchestrate the violence.
10. Abandon the erstwhile anti-establishment allies and reign supreme; establish Shari'a, and declare the state to be a new Muslim nation where Shari'a is law and non-Moslems are dhimmi.

Terrorizing the populace is a much-used technique of global jihad. As the Strategy Page blog of January 11, 2010 writes: "In the last few months, Moslems have attacked Buddhists in Thailand, Jews everywhere, Baha'is in Iran and Christians in Egypt, Iraq, the Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia and elsewhere. This is not a sudden and unexpected outburst of Moslem violence against non-Moslems. It is normal, and at the root of Islamic terrorism." Below we examine some features of Islamic terrorism and suggestions for fighting the terrorists.

This issue contains essays on what's happening in Europe, Israel and the U.S.A. The driving force in all cases is — depending on your views — Islam itself or an aberrant and marginal bunch of Muslims, variously called Fascist Islamists, Islamofascists, Islamists, Radical Islamists or extremists.

Judge for yourself how much more — or less — safe the world has become in this past year.


We start with characterizing the Islamic terrorist. We ask: How do you tell when you are dealing with a terrorist — i.e., someone who genuinely hungers to kill you. His reasons change. His aim doesn't.

This set of essays explore some of the features to look for. And what to do about it.