Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Letter to Pastors

July 13, 2010
Dear Pastors:
The God of the Mountains is still the God of the Valleys, and, unfortunately, sometimes, you and I have to hit those "valleys" which this ole man did last Saturday morning yonder in Pennsylvania when I went out to look at my Suburban. Thieves had broken into the second window on the rider's side, and had cleaned this ole man out.
Of course, since you know where I had been, and what I’d been doing, your imagination can tell you what they cleaned out. I offered the Police a $1000.00 "Snitch" Award if they can get all the guns back. They said that unless they do so in the first few days, they won’t. For the moment, we’ll just have to see. Since I had everything covered on a "Gun Floater,” unless something unforeseen pops up, I should be OK for recouping my loss, although you never regain everything.
They broke into four other cars on the Econo-Lodge Motel parking lot. Dr. Brian Korner was "upset" to say the least, that his guest had his car broken into. His "care" for this ole man really is a blessing. Truly, he, Denny Corle, Brian Sharp, and Jeff Fugate surely spoiled me!
The other day, in a conversation with a man at the Motel in Bedford, Pennsylvania, a man said to me, "Of course, not all Muslims are bad?" Recently, on "Israel First" I think it was, I read something concerning this; therefore, I said, "Then, that brings up the question of how do you even tell if a Muslim is bad? Or good? "
Then, I gave the fella, what I’d read:

First off, what is a Muslim? A Muslim is a person who follows the doctrine of Islam. When that same person, does something that does not follow the doctrine of Islam, they are not a Muslim.
The common idea is that anyone who says that they are a Muslim has their every action and word dictated by Islam.
Put another way, every Muslim is seen as perfect follower of Islam at all times and circumstances. However, the truth is that a "Muslim" is not always a Muslim. When they do not follow Islamic doctrine, they are no longer a Muslim, but are a kafir (non-Muslim).

Now, how do we know if a Muslim is good or bad? If they are following the Qur’an and the Sunna (the perfect example of Mohammed), they are a good Muslim.
Then, get this, don’t miss it "If they don't follow the doctrine, then they are not a Muslim. That means that from the stand point of Islam there is no such thing as a good or bad Muslim. You either are a Muslim or you are not."
When anyone follows the Qur’an and the Sunna, they are Muslim. When anyone does not follow the doctrine of Islam then they are a kafir.
This means that a person called a Muslim has two modes of being — Muslim and kafir, or kafir-Muslim. The same person can be a Muslim in one moment and a kafir in the next.
What do kafirs mean by a good Muslim? Simple, the same way we judge all other people as good and bad —for illustration’s sake, let us take the Golden Rule.
Do they follow the Golden Rule when they are with us? If so, then they are a good person.
Since the Qur’an and the Sunna do not have the Golden Rule, how are Muslims to treat us?
Islamic doctrine lays out an alternative to the Golden Rule. Those who do not believe Mohammed are kafirs, and kafirs are treated differently from Muslims.
Islamic doctrine says a great deal about the kafir. Most of the Koran is about kafirs, 61%, only 39% is about Muslims.
About 20% of the Hadith is about kafirs and 98% of the Sura is about kafirs.
Mohammed was fixated on kafirs and annihilated every kafir by violence, exile or conversion.
When Mohammed died, there was not a person alive in Arabia who would argue with him.
Mohammed's actions are pure Islam; therefore, annihilating kafirs and kafir culture is pure Islam.
A Muslim has to be, in some way, in some form of action, eliminating kafirs and their world. The action against kafirs is jihad.
There are four flavors of jihad and murder is only one. Deception, conversation, articles and TV appearances can be jihad of speech and
writing. There is always the option of giving to an Islamic charity, since one of the Koranic uses of charity is jihad.
Every Muslim believes that all nonbelievers are kafirs. The Qur’an says that kafirs may be hated, plotted against, deceived, murdered, raped, enslaved, mocked and tortured.
All of those actions are Islam and perfect doctrine. When a person is being a good Muslim, they are following Islam and that means that you are a kafir.
Hate, deception, murder, mockery and torture are bad for kafirs, but good for Muslims.
Kafirs are pure other. Muslims treat other Muslims as brothers and sisters, but they can treat a kafir well or they can treat them as less than an animal. Islam has dualistic ethics, one set of rules for Muslims and another set of rules for kafirs.
Dualism is bad. When a Muslim practices dualism, they are bad. There is no good in Islam for a kafir and therefore, there is no good in a Muslim for a kafir.
Does this mean that the Muslim at work is bad? Yes, when they are following the doctrine of Islam.
Whenever they are not following Islam, that person can be as good as any other.
It is not about people, but about doctrine.
It is the doctrine of Islam to be bad to kafirs.
When anyone is practicing Islam around a kafir they must be bad, since Mohammed was never good to kafirs.
Wait! What about the nice, pious Muslim at work? He is good, isn't he?
Is he nice because of the Golden Rule or is he practicing the Sunna of the charming Mohammed we find in the early Meccan days?

Mohammed could be very polite with kafirs, however, if charm did not work, then other methods were used. Islam is a process of increasing force that can start out pleasantly.
We are left with an ethical confusion around any Muslim. They can seem pleasant, but nothing changes the fact that they see Mohammed as the perfect person to imitate. Nothing changes the fact that we are kafirs. Kafir is the worst word in the human language.
Whom are we to believe — the Muslim at work or Mohammed?
Every Muslim wants to imitate Mohammed; every Muslim is a Mohammedan.
The problem is that Mohammed annihilated every kafir he ever met.
It was a process. The process started out nice and when nice did not work, it ended in annihilation of the kafir.
In Islam, nice is the beginning of bad for the kafir.
So how do you tell if a nice Muslim is good or bad? From the kafir point-of-view, there is only the fact that a Muslim is following Mohammed's example.
And that is bad, very bad.

[end of article]

When Ishmael was born four chapters later in Genesis, in the sixteenth chapter, and twelfth verse, God Almighty said that "Sphyrapicus varius" [Sfy-rap-e-cus var-e-us] [yellow-bellied sapsucker] would be a "wild" man as our KJV states.
The Jews, bless their hearts, have had to deal with those "wild-donkey-men" since the sixteenth hapter of the book of Genesis. In the 11th chapter, when God Almighty called Father Abraham from the Ur of the Chaldees, historical records from there state that they worshiped the "Moon god," or chief of all their "gods" had the "crescent" symbol, as all Mosques have today!
Now, based on Holy Scripture, the Bible, God’s Word, you and I can either be a "blessing" or a "curse" to the Hebrews. Since I personally think that they shall be at War come August 1st, I had Dr. Bryan Sharp make Plane Reservations today for me.
Pray for me, and all this, and if you can, help me out financially with the cost of this up coming trip.


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