Monday, December 13, 2010

Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon answering questions.

December 11, 2010

Dear Pastors:

On Monday Evening at a reception in Anaheim, California, Israeli Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon was asked the following question by a Jew:

"We have here [at the reception] Ministers of the Christian Community, and yet the Message from Israel all the time is "We cannot be for it [Christian Community’s message and methods,] [certainly not]supporting it. What can be done, not only from the [Israeli] Government, but also from the people of Israel, to have a more unified, unitorm, consistent message sent from Israel?" [The questioner is a friend of mine, a Jew, who wants the Israeli government to show more support for the Solidarity of the Christian Community with the Jews in Israel.]

Moshe Ya’alon answered thusly:

"Its quite difficult to get one message from the state of Israel [laughter.]

"You know that we say, when we have two Jews, we have six in a box [laughter.]

"It is a challenge for the people who live in Israel. It is a challenge for all ‘western-like-minded-people.’ I believe that ‘western-like-minded-people’ are ready to be deluded, to be deceived, to be mis-led. This is my observation.

"A phenomena — like minded people, the United States, in Europe — part of it is what I call "Solution-ism!" They know what the solution is. There are those who believe that, for any problem, "We have the solution!" They say, "Enrich the world."

"Human beings should be more modest. We don’t have solutions. In political issues, in medicines, in mathematics, IT IS UP TO GOD! We should be more modest.

"A second phenomena is ----In the era of instant food, we want "food now" as well as "Peace Now!"

"We should be patient. We should follow our values. We should follow our compass, our interests.

"But, since we are in a hurry, we try to make "concessions," we try to "Peace-make" — all for what?

"You cannot defeat Jihadist-type-ideologies by concessions and peace-making. We have to defeat them.

"A third Phenomena —"If it doesn’t work," we blame ourselves [referring to self-blame of the Jews,] Its OK to blame ourselves — In Israel, we blame the Prime Minister, and....replace him." [Laughter.]

"But, generally speaking, Israel is blamed by its Western Allies. You [the Israelis] have to give up. You [the Israelis] have to go to further concessions. All the problems of the world are because of the "Israeli-Palestinian" problems! Is it the case?

"And, our allies want to sacrifice Israel in order to appease our enemies. They want to sacrifice Israel. The enemies are not just the enemies of Israel. THEY ARE THE ENEMIES OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION. [Much applause!]

"So, yes, because of this — there is an [unintelligible] discourse in Israel. It is part of the darkness. All of this strategy is part of the "darkness." We have got to follow a strategy which is based on our faith.

"Mankind cannot be manipulated by possible enemies. We must follow the strategy which is based on our faith." [Applause!]

I thought you might get a blessing out of this answer. I have typed it hoping that I have gotten all his answers correctly.

I remain, sincerely and gratefully, your dutiful friend and obedient servant,

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