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Letter to Dr. Gadi Eshel

March 24, 2011,

Dr. Gadi Eshel

Dear Gadi:

As I write these lines I am in my Vehicle being drive by Warren Garraway, whom you met at the "Boogie Banquet" Feb. 21st at the Jerusalem Ramada. We are on our way back to Kentucky, where we were with Jeff Harris at Elizabethtown last Saturday and Sunday. One of our Deacon’s wives, Cleota Johnston, Bill’s wife, went to be with the LORD last Friday evening, and we had to drive home Sunday night. The L-d allowed me to preach the Funeral this past Tuesday. Two of Cleota’s kin, a niece, and the niece’s grown son, trusted the L-D as their saviour at the funeral. Warren and Jeff both met you Feb. 21st. They were impressed with the number of "Tank Kills" your 155 Paladin Battalion made during the Yom Kippur war of 1973. Gadi, I praise the L-d for the day that HE allowed my path to cross with that of yours, A JEW who is a REAL JEW! I really like "real" people, not those who are a "charade," or a "sham."
On page seven of the USA TODAY is the story of yesterday’s bombing at the Bus Station in Jerusalem and it tells of the sixty year old woman who was killed. It tells in there how "The Popular Resistance Committees, a Gaza terror group, cheered the bombing, calling it a "natural response to the enemy’s crimes." GADI, my yedid, count me on the "side" of the Jews, for as Orde Wingate said, in 1938, at Chaim Sturman’s dinner in his behalf after his wounding at Dabbiyura, "God has given it to us to slay the enemies of the Jews. For the enemies of the Jews are the enemies of all mankind."
I can remember Gadi, as the 2nd Lebanon War [the "Three Weeks of Mourning War"] was ending in 2006, that the first round was concluded in an interlude. It was merely an introduction to the preface to the prologue. In 2006 your enemies, the Ishmaelites, were preparing for another war, and yet another one, after that one. For the last so many years, Gadi, your nation’s determination, its strength, and its faith in "the justice of its path" had all been eroded by the crazy idea of "peace" and the "new Middle East." What the Orientalists have attempted to do is turn separate Israel from every strategic asset still in Israel’s possession and turn it into a hostage in the hands of Hamas’ Qasams and Hizbullah’s Katyushas.

As I knew back then Gadi, Israel must prepare "the front and the rear" and rearrange its national priorities, – elevating security from fifth place to first; because, the war will surely come – and faster than the Jewish people think. The Shiites in Lebanon, armed by their Iranian and Syrian patrons, were resupplied with anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank missiles and more accurate long-and medium-range missiles. Hizbullah did not abandon even one position in southern Lebanon, but continued to upgrade and dig deeper bunkers before IDF eyes and cameras with the knowledge of the Israeli Government. That ludicrous "Condi-UN" document gave the Shiites a better opportunity to entrench 700 meters from Israel’s northern border.

As I wrote then, and still believe today, Gadi, "There is No Peace. There is No New Middle East." To the contrary, the old, medieval Middle East still lives; a Middle East inundated by fanatical Islam, zealous, combative, messianic [sic,] apocalyptic, led in the spirit of clerics filled with hatred for anything not Muslim, by political minions, whose declared air is the restoration of the Caliphate and world domination.

This Islamic zealotry envelops large populations and speaks to the masses in a language that they enjoy hearing. There is no point in engaging in armchair psychological analysis of the reasons for this. In this regard, Gadi, what is TRUTH as I wrote in late February? There are facts that speak for themselves!
It is Islam, Gadi, that has placed shedding blood, especially Jewish blood, as a supreme value and terrorism as a mode of operation. "Slaughter the Jews" is their oldest slogan.

Terrorism appeared as a very effective tool among the first Muslims and it has accompanied their history with various degrees of intensity. Sometimes it is the terrorism of a small group or the initiative of individuals and sometimes it is organized terrorism, but it always rests on education and indoctrination.

The Shiite Hasision from the 11th to the 13th centuries gave their name to the European languages in the term "assassin" in order to describe one who murders from an ambush; a hired killer. The modern day Muslim assassins, like the medieval Hasision, undergo an extended process of indoctrination and rejoice in being martyrs and reaching paradise quickly.

In medieval times, it was only the suicide martyrs themselves who underwent indoctrination; today the entire Muslim public undergoes indoctrination. It is accomplished by every possible means: By preachers in the mosques, electronic and print media, teachers, authors and artists, playwrights, actors and singers as well as in school books. The thrust of the Muslim propaganda is directed against the Jews. The martyrdom is first and foremost a jihad weapon against them.
Israel's Destruction is Islamic Peace!
That is why all spokesmen for this deep-rooted Islam say that there is not nor will there be peace in the Middle East as long as an independent Jewish state in which Jews have rights equal to the rights of the Moslems exists. There is not nor will there be peace in the Middle East until the demolition of the Jewish state, destruction of most of its Jewish residents and transformation of Palestine into an integral part of the Muslim world – Pax Islamica – Islamic peace.
The concept of peace in the vision of the prophets of Israel, about which the various "now" groups in Israel, including some of the country’s leaders, have fantasized for three generations and more, and yet it does not exist in the Islamic perception. Peace exists only in a World of Islam ruled by Muslims. (Civil wars in Islam are internal matters, misunderstandings that happen in every good family.) Everything located outside of the World of Islam is characterized as "House of War", meaning the area against which Islam is obligated to wage war until its annexation to the world of Islam. Every territory that ever was Muslim is sacred, waqf, to Islam and no one has the right to relinquish it. And even if it is conquered by enemies of Islam it does not lose its Islamic status and it is incumbent upon the Muslims – an obligation that will never cease – to restore it to Islamic rule. The State of Israel exists on Islamic waqf land. It is an unnatural situation, which cannot and must not persist.
We have arrived at the end of the era of bogus "peace". All that remains is the era of war in the past, present and future and it is that alone for which preparations must be made. The Jewish population does not go to war gladly; it prefers even a flicker of calm over war; it prefers to go to bed with "A Star is Born" and fall asleep to the cooing of the dove of peace. That is why it is surprised to awaken to the sound of exploding missiles.
In positioning war as the only existing alternative in this part of the world, the public justifiably asks, how long? And the answer is: Until the Muslims lose all hope to liquidate the Jewish state, which means forever. The Arabs and Islam in general can never come to terms with the fact that a billion and a half Moslems, who control huge resources, cannot eliminate six million Jews crowded into a 50-kilometer wide death trap. This reality offends the Muslims’ honor, angers them and continually ignites in them feelings of revenge. This is the true reality with which youmust live and anyone unwilling to deal with it does not belong in the Middle East – the old, cruel Middle East.

Therefore, Gadi, My Jewish Yedid and Chaver, on Interstate 64, heading into Southern Indiana, the state of Purdue University where you received your Doctorate in Engineering, and from there on into Kentucky, I write "exhorting" you to keep your voice active on the Political scene in Israel attempting to persuade those in places of leadership that Israel must keep up "its guard" if it hopes to continue as a nation! "Exhortation," as you know Gadi, is one of my few gifts, and according to the Bride of my Youth, she applauds what I do in trying to "Exhort the Israelis to maintain a strong Israel."

I remain, sincerely and gratefully, your dutiful yedid and obedient chaver,

PS Health Issues? Still the same! However, the L-d G-d of the Hebrews allows me to cripple on, having left at five am yesterday morning, arriving [here in Lexington] last evening about 11:30, getting set up and reading a bit in my Bible, talking to the Bride of my youth, then I was able to sleep almost five hours, so, am up, having coffee, waiting to teach US HISTORY in Dr. Paul Jorgenson’s US History Class, and the preach in Chapel at Commonwealth Baptist College. I am to preach this morning on the World Wide Struggle free people find themselves in, with the adherents of the "Stronger Than [false] [god- allah" whereby 1/6th of the world’s population plan either to subjugate or slit the throats of the other 5/6th of the world’s population.

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